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PhillyJunk Completes Building Cleanout During Snow

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PhillyJunk Readies for Another Building Cleanout PhillyJunk Works Thru Snow For Building Cleanout

PhillyJunk removal crews begin arriving and setting up for another commercial building cleanout right after another snow fall. With a cleared parking lot the first of six various size junk removal trucks arrive with PhillyJunk crews to start the demo and building cleanout. Often times our junk removal crews are working on many commercial office cleanouts downtown after 6:00 PM when the building is near empty of the days workers. This time a whole section of the apartment building is under renovation and our crews were able to begin first thing in the morning. If you got junk and are looking for a building cleanout, office cleanout, office furniture removal, property cleanout or a house cleanout give the pros at PhillyJunk a call. PhillyJunk is a […]

Philly Junk Philadelphia Junk Pickup

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Philly Junk completes another Philadelphia junk pickup in west Philadelphia. The junk removal crews of PhillyJunk completed a six truck estate cleanout for a house cleanout located on 52nd street in West Philadelphia, Pa. Pretty simple house cleanout job for our guys. We just rotated three junk removal trucks and were completed in a little over four hours. No matter what size your estate cleanout, basement cleanout, garage cleanout or house cleanout if you got junk we have plenty of Philly junk removal trucks and crews that can help. Our service includes bagging up and removing everything non-attached to the house, loading and disposing. Give PhillyJunk a call of you need junk picked up in Philadelphia, Pa.