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PhillyJunk Estate Cleanout In Bucks County, Pa.

By |2018-03-27T12:34:12-07:00August 21st, 2014|PhillyJunk news|

Philly Junk House Cleanout How many Philly Junk removal guys are needed for an estate cleanout? Depending on the size of the house cleanout or estate cleanout we can send in as many experienced junk removal team members as needed. For this house cleanout we rotated several junk removal trucks and filled 19 trucks in five hours. Because we are the largest commercial or industrial building cleanout company along the east coast we have a large staff of experienced college educated junk removal pros we can gather up as many team members as needed for any size house cleanout or estate cleanout. Call the pros at PhillyJunk.

Avoiding Junk King An Imposter-Call Philly Junk

By |2018-03-27T12:34:12-07:00August 21st, 2014|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk or sometimes searched as Philly Junk is king of junk throughout Bucks County, Pa. PhillyJunk is a commercial and residential junk removal company serving Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Philadelphia counties. We do house cleanouts, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts, shed removals, garage cleanouts, furniture removal, hot tub removals, commercial and industrial building cleanouts. Another company Junk King of Bucks County uses our trademarked name in their blogs but we are the original Philly Junk or PhillyJunk removal company. If you got junk we have lots of trucks ready to go. Call PhillyJunk and schedule your cleanout.

PhillyJunk Goes To Bat For Taney Dragons Little League Team

By |2014-08-15T10:07:21-07:00August 15th, 2014|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk announced in promotion with WNTP 990 AM radio an added incentive for the Taney Dragons Little League baseball team players. PhillyJunk will donate to the Taney Dragons Little League team $25.00 for every hit the team makes and another $100.00 for each homerun made in their quest to become the 2014 Little League World Series Champions. We are proud a local Philadelphia team made it all the way to Williamsport, Pa. The junk removal pros from PhillyJunk wish the Taney Dragons well!

PhillyJunk Commercial Building Cleanout

By |2018-03-27T12:34:12-07:00August 14th, 2014|PhillyJunk news| the largest industrial commercial cleanout company along the east coast completed a 38,000 square foot two story office building cleanout along with detached 65,000 square foot warehouse cleanout right in it’s own backyard in King of Prussia and Warrington, Pa. Both facilities owned by the same real estate management company were newly acquired and in need of a complete cleanout from the prior tenants. Removed were office furniture, desks, office cubicles, chairs, conference room tables, bookcases, cartons, trash, shelving, small machinery, work tables and work stations, copiers, obsolete packaged products, warehouse shelving, and all sorts of other junk. In all over 25 tractor trailer loads of material was safely removed and either donated or sent to recycle centers and transfer stations. Philly Junk commercial and industrial junk removal cleanout group cleans out small offices to 500,000 square foot industrial use properties. Depending on the size and needs of the […] Completes Several House Cleanouts & Estate Cleanouts in 48hrs.

By |2014-08-14T20:51:24-07:00August 14th, 2014|PhillyJunk news| one of Philadelphia’s area largest professional commercial and residential junk removal companies worked almost around the clock in houses located in Philadelphia, Horsham, West Chester, Upper Darby and Cherry Hill, N.J. to complete some massive house cleanouts and estate cleanouts. In two days our Philly Junk junk removal crews removed over 65 full truck loads of furniture, boxes, cloths, carpet, appliances, garage cleanouts, basement cleanouts, wood shed cleanouts and all sorts of junk from just five houses. In each house cleanout or estate cleanout we were called with just a day or two of advance notice. Fortunately, we had the right amount of trucks and junk removal crews dispatched to each location to fully complete each house cleanout or estate cleanout and ended up with five very satisfied customers. If you got junk and need a house cleanout or have an estate cleanout give Philly Junk a call. We […]

PhillyJunk Estate Cleanouts To Building Cleanouts

By |2014-03-17T14:44:49-07:00March 17th, 2014|PhillyJunk news, Uncategorized|

PhillyJunk one of the leading residential and commercial junk removal companies in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Chester counties completes everything from simple furniture removals to complete house cleanouts and commercial building cleanouts. Everyday the Philly Junk fleet of junk removal trucks located and parked in almost every county surrounding Philadelphia are rolling to complete basement cleanouts, garage cleanouts, house cleanouts, hot tub removals, wood and metal shed removals and office furniture removals. If you got junk we got junk removal trucks along with professional and insured junk removal teams that can do the work for you. Just identify all of your unwanted items and we will remove everything right where it sits. If your looking for a professional junk removal service call Philly Junk and schedule your house cleanout, estate cleanout, garage cleanout, basement cleanout throughout Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester Counties. We also provide service in South […]

PhillyJunk Completes Building Cleanout During Snow

By |2018-03-27T12:34:12-07:00February 19th, 2014|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk Readies for Another Building Cleanout PhillyJunk Works Thru Snow For Building Cleanout

PhillyJunk removal crews begin arriving and setting up for another commercial building cleanout right after another snow fall. With a cleared parking lot the first of six various size junk removal trucks arrive with PhillyJunk crews to start the demo and building cleanout. Often times our junk removal crews are working on many commercial office cleanouts downtown after 6:00 PM when the building is near empty of the days workers. This time a whole section of the apartment building is under renovation and our crews were able to begin first thing in the morning. If you got junk and are looking for a building cleanout, office cleanout, office furniture removal, property cleanout or a house cleanout give the pros at PhillyJunk a call. PhillyJunk is a […]

Philly Junk Philadelphia Junk Pickup

By |2014-02-03T08:12:26-07:00February 3rd, 2014|PhillyJunk news|

Philly Junk completes another Philadelphia junk pickup in west Philadelphia. The junk removal crews of PhillyJunk completed a six truck estate cleanout for a house cleanout located on 52nd street in West Philadelphia, Pa. Pretty simple house cleanout job for our guys. We just rotated three junk removal trucks and were completed in a little over four hours. No matter what size your estate cleanout, basement cleanout, garage cleanout or house cleanout if you got junk we have plenty of Philly junk removal trucks and crews that can help. Our service includes bagging up and removing everything non-attached to the house, loading and disposing. Give PhillyJunk a call of you need junk picked up in Philadelphia, Pa.

PhillyJunk Completes Bucks County House Cleanout

By |2014-01-27T09:14:35-07:00January 27th, 2014|PhillyJunk news|

Another large house cleanout last week for the PhillyJunk junk removal crews in Bucks County, Pa. during the frigid weather and overnight snowfall. PhillyJunk arrived with four of their junk removal trucks along with a team of ten to help cleanout an old house in Doylestown, Pa. After about five-six hours of steady work and rotating our junk removal trucks PhillyJunk removed about nine trucks of sixty years worth of collected junk. If you got junk in Bucks County and need a house cleanout, garage cleanout, estate cleanout, storage unit cleanout, building cleanout, furniture removal, trash removal, junk pickup, basement cleanout or any other junk removed give PhillyJunk a call. We will be happy to cleanout your residential or commercial property. Call PhillyJunk and get your trash and junk removed today.

PhillyJunk Junk Removal Montgomery County, Pa.

By |2014-01-21T16:02:53-07:00January 21st, 2014|PhillyJunk news|

If you got junk in Montgomery County, Pa. and need junk removal, house cleanout, estate cleanout, basement cleanout, garage cleanout call We have trucks parked throughout Montgomery County, Pa for junk removal, furniture removal, piano removal, hot tub removal, storage unit cleanouts, or just about any other type of cleanout or junk pickup. PhillyJunk specializes in large commercial building cleanouts like office furniture removals and building cleanouts. If you got junk and need a professional and reliable junk removal, junk pickup, house cleanout or estate cleanout company call We have junk removal trucks throughout Montgomery County, Pa. and all surrounding counties.

We Got Junk in Philadelphia

By |2018-03-27T12:34:12-07:00January 9th, 2014|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk is picking up plenty of junk in Philadelphia even with the cold weather. If you got junk in your basement, garage or house and need a professional junk removal service call PhillyJunk @ 1-800-810-5865. We will send out one of our two person junk removal crews right away. Junk removal this time of the year is not bad for our experienced junk removal teams. We work seven days a week. PhillyJunk cleanouts out houses, basements, garages, apartments, storage units, office furniture, renovation debris, estate cleanouts or just about anything else. So, if you got junk than PhillyJunk has the trucks and crews ready to go.

House CleanOut and Estate Cleanout Process

By |2013-11-03T08:33:26-07:00November 3rd, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

Often times at PhillyJunk we get asked how does our service work, what happens to the materials we remove and do we buy or sell any of the items especially for a house cleanout or an estate cleanout. Our business is very simple. We safely and quickly remove everything our customers identify to be removed from a house cleanout or an estate cleanout and either drop it off at transfer stations which recycle many of the items or we donate the items we can. We cannot remove gas, oil, paint and hazardous materials. We do not own a thrift store and therefore do not resell anything we remove. Our truck fleet stretches a wide area surrounding Philadelphia. This also includes South Jersey and northern Delaware. When the house is empty of all the perceived valuables PhillyJunk get’s called in to complete the rest of the cleanout process. There are estate companies you […]

PhillyJunk Storage Unit Cleanouts

By |2013-10-27T08:17:22-07:00October 27th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk completes storage unit cleanouts throughout Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties. No matter the size of the unit our storage unit cleanout pros will often meet you at the security gate, review your needs, provide an estimate and go ahead and remove whatever items you need removed or we will cleanout and broom sweep the entire unit. If you are tired of paying storage unit or storage locker fees for items you have not seen or used in years give PhillyJunk a call. From Doylestown, Malvern, Upper Darby, Philadelphia and over to Bristol just call PhillyJunk and we can empty your storage unit either the same day or next.

Hose Cleanouts & Junk Removal Philadelphia Pa.

By |2013-09-11T08:52:45-07:00September 11th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

Every day PhillyJunk removal trucks roll throughout Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, and Delaware counties cleaning out houses. We do estate cleanouts, house cleanouts, couples downsizing, relocation cleanouts, or simply those that simply want to reduce their clutter saved from over the years. The process for our junk removal specialists is the same. We evaluate what is there to be removed, provide an estimate then once approved, we start removing the unwanted items and work until the project is completed. We have tools on each of our trucks for items that may need to be taken apart to be moved and removed and we carry lots of contractor bags for items that need bagged up. If you got junk in your house that you want to get rid of call PhillyJunk. Our appointments often times are the same day or next or you can be added to a schedule which suits your […]

Junk Removal West Chester, Pa.

By |2013-09-03T06:15:12-07:00September 3rd, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk completes a busy week of junk removal, hot tub removals, estate cleanouts, house cleanouts, wood shed removals, garage cleanouts and basement cleanouts in West Chester, Pa and the surrounding towns. Several house cleanouts and estate cleanouts were completed early in the week and the balance of the week was booked with appointments for several hot tub removals, wooden shed removals, furniture removals, basement cleanouts and garage cleanouts. There has been so much activity for junk removal in the West Chester, Pa. area PhillyJunk has relocated one of their trucks closer. PhillyJunk operates a number of trucks which are parked throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding counties including Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware. Unlike most junk removal companies the most parks are normally parked in secure non-visable locations.

Junk Removal In Glenside & Aston, Pa.

By |2013-07-15T06:51:42-07:00July 15th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

Lots of folks got junk removal in Glenside, Pa. and Aston, Pa. PhillyJunk removal  trucks were rolling throughout both towns of Glenside, Pa. and Aston, Pa. doing house cleanouts, garage cleanouts, basement cleanouts, furniture removal and general junk removal. As we have mentioned before we seem to get appointment for junk removal pickups in bunches in several towns. If your looking for to get rid of some old junk give PhillyJunk a call. We service Glenside, Pa, Aston, Pa. and the counties of Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, Delaware County, Chester County, Bucks County, South Jersey and northern Delaware. If you got junk we have plenty of PhillyJunk removal trucks to remove, load and haul out right where it sits.

Junk Removal & House Cleanouts In Cherry Hill, NJ

By |2013-07-04T16:30:03-07:00July 4th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk removal trucks have been back in fourth in Cherry Hill, N.J. the last few weeks doing estate cleanouts, house cleanouts, garage cleanouts, basement cleanouts and a variety of commercial building cleanouts. PhillyJunk removes unwanted junk and material from residential homes and commercial properties. We dismantle and remove hot tubs, wood sheds, and even remove piamso. If your in the Cherry, Hill, N.J. area and are looking for the best junk removal service call PhillyJunk. Or look us up online at Junk Removal, house cleanouts, basements cleanouts, garage cleanouts, furniture removal, storage unit cleanouts just call PhillyJunk.

Wood Shed & Hot Tub Removals Malvern, Pa.

By |2013-06-17T07:59:31-07:00June 17th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk crews completed several wood shed & hot tub removals last week in Malvern, Pa. last week. Typically, as properties are sold the old or new homeowners have us in there to remove the hot tub  they no longer want or the old wood shed that is about ready to collaspe. We routinely dismantel and remove wooden, metal or plastic tool sheds, hot tubs, swing sets or just about any other smaller structure. Call PhillyJunk if your in the Malvern, Pa area or any of the suurrouding towns and need junk removal service.

House Cleanouts Philadelphia, Pa.

By |2013-05-28T17:15:35-07:00May 28th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk has been running trucks all throughout Philadelphia, Pa. cleaning out house after house. We specialize in large house cleanouts, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts and likley may be the largest commercial cleanout company along the east coast now. On the large commercial cleanouts (properties over 25,000 square feet) we bring in tractor trailers, cranes, flat bed trailers, 24′, 28′, 42′ and 53′ trucks. The commercial team usually travels to job sites in various states. We have emptied very large commercial properites in just a few days. If your looking for some junk removal in Philadelphia and you got junk we have plenty of trucks. We do house cleanouts, estate cleanouts, apartment cleanouts, storage unti cleanouts, tenant cleanouts, furniture removal, junk pickup, junk disposal, or just about anuthing else. Give PhillyJunk a  for y

Montgomery County & Bucks County Junk Removal

By |2013-05-08T06:05:42-07:00May 8th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk currently parks three trucks in and around Montgomery County, Pa. and Bucks County, Pa. to service junk removal, junk hauling, 800 junk removal customers. Every day we run pickups all throughout many of the towns in each county. PhillyJunk also serves Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia counties along with South Jersey and northern Delaware. If your looking to have an old wood shed removed, hot tub removed, piano removed, house cleanout, estate cleanout, garage clean-out, basement cleanout storage unit clean out, apartment cleanout or simply just some odd junk here and there removed call PhillyJunk in Montgomery and Bucks County, Pa.

Chris Johnson Joins Lower Merion Police Force

By |2013-05-07T19:15:57-07:00May 7th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

Another PhillyJunk employee becomes a police officer with our own Chris Johnson joining the Lower Merion police force. Chris has been with PhillyJunk for a long time and we could not be happier for him to land the job he has always wanted, a police officer. Chris recruited a number of other police academy graduates to join PhillyJunk and each one of them have now find jobs as police officers as well. PhillyJunk employs a number of police officers as almost all of the ones who have worked with us before becoming cops have stayed on and work part time as needed. From all your friends at PhillyJunk we congratulate our latest police officer, Chris Johnson soon to be a Lower Merion police officer.

House Cleanouts, Garage Cleanouts, Basement Cleanouts West Chester, Pa.

By |2013-05-02T04:43:54-07:00May 2nd, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

PhillyJunk junk removal trucks are in West Chester, Pa. daily for house cleanouts, estate cleanouts, garage cleanouts, wod shed removals, hot tub removals, basement cleanouts and all sorts of other types of removals. One of PhillyJunk trucks is parked just ten minutes outside of West Chester, Pa. to service the West Cjhester, Pa. area for junk removal. If your looking for a professional junk removal company give or a call or visit us online.

House Cleanouts & Estate Cleanouts

By |2013-04-21T05:42:19-07:00April 21st, 2013|CSS Stuff|

There is no one time of the year busier than the next when it comes to house cleanouts and estate cleanouts. PhillyJunk removal teams empty houses, apartments, condo’s, and apartments almost daily. There are always a variety of the reasons for the clean outs including, relocation, death in the family, illness, and downsizing seem the most common. We rarely do bank cleanouts of foreclosed properties. Our job is simple when doing these cleanouts. We remove everything right where it sits. That includes cleanout out attics, basements, garages, back yards, front yards, closets, all the rooms, storage sheds, appliances, pulling carpets or any combination of the above. We also when needed take down walls, remove hot tubs, pianos, demo work benches, walls, and all sorts of other tasks. One of the services we often get asked and do not provide is moving items in our trucks. Our trucks have very stiff suspensions, they […]

Philly Junk Junk Removal Service

By |2013-04-08T07:14:45-07:00April 8th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

Philly Junk of Philadelphia, Pa,. completed several estate cleanouts, house cleanouts, garage cleanouts, basement cleanouts, hot tub removals, piano removals and several other projects this past week as the junk pickup crews were running all throughout Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties. Philly Junk is one of the largest commercial cleanout companies along the east coast. If your looking to cleanout a house or a commercial building call Philly Junk.

PhillyJunk Completes Multiple Junk Removal Projects

By |2013-04-03T10:51:58-07:00April 3rd, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

Philly Junk completed a variety of junk removal projects last week throughout the Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties. Our junk removal trucks as often happens seemed to have junk disposal jobs in and around the same area which has some benefits and can be a downside depending on their locations. PhillyJunk prides itself on clean trucks, dependable employees each of whom must pass criminal background checks. If your looking for a house cleanout, garage cleanout, basement cleanout or simply geting rid of some old junk in the house give Philly Junk a call.

Maureen Rae Joines West Chester University Campus Police

By |2013-03-28T07:05:18-07:00March 28th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

Another PhillyJunk employee becomes a cop. Maureen Rae joined the West Chester University Campus Police a few weeks ago. Maureen has been working with PhillyJunk since graduating from the police academy in the spring of 2012. From that class of graduates PhillyJunk had hired four all of which still work with us. Maureen has done an exceptional job with PhillyJunk and will continue to work for the junk removal company when she is available. Many of our employees hang out with each during and after work since almost everyone share common interests. Now the majority of our employees are police officers so they also share that common interest. As we prepare for our peak junk removal season we are about to hire some newly graduated police academy students. Our new group of employees is being hired now and will train over the next thirty days. Congratulations Maureen from all of […]

Ray Brook Joins Philadelphia Police Force

By |2013-03-28T06:21:55-07:00March 28th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

Another PhillyJunk employee joins the Philadelphia Police Force. Ray has been working with PhillyJunk while he attended the police academy and interviewing for a number of positions in various townships. Each town, district and township has their own operating budget which determines when and if they can add to their police staffs. All of us at PhillyJunk are proud of Ray and certain he will make an exceptional police officer. Ray will now reside in Philadelphia and will continue to work for PhillyJunk when he can. Congratulations from all you friends at PhillyJunk!

Log Cabin House Cleanout

By |2018-03-27T12:34:12-07:00March 26th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

House Cleanout Philadelphia Junk PhillyJunk Log Cabin House Cleanout

Every so often our house cleanout junk removal teams come accross a really nice surprise of a house in an unexpected place. This beautiful log cabin style house was even more interesting on the inside and located in an unexpected part of Montgomery County, Pa. After entering so many homes during the course of our work even we are taken back by such a cool house. It was a pleasure removing some old furniture and seeing the inside.

How To Remove An Old Shed or Hot Tub

By |2013-03-25T06:44:05-07:00March 25th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

No matter what the weather is doing it seems every week we are dismantling a wood shed, metal shed or hot tub and loading the contents onto our junk removal trucks. Doing these projects has become as routine as anything else we remove but we have removed hundreds of shed and hot tubs and always proceed with caution. All of our employees are now well trained on the hot tub removal or wood shed removal process and have already encountered a variety of obsticules in previous removals to know how to deal with them. Our trucks do not just simply back onto property next to the shed or hot tub and begin tearing the unit apart and loading. We also do not drive our 9500 pound trucks onto grass. We carefully evaluate how we are going to dismantel first then begin the process. Once completed we load the contents onto […]

How To Get Rid Of House Junk?

By |2013-03-20T20:37:42-07:00March 20th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

That’s an easy answer ……call PhillyJunk. We literally run our residential and commercial trucks 24/7, seven days a week. By day, we do residential house cleanouts, garage cleanouts, estate cleanouts, hot tub removals, piano removals, wood shed removals, basement cleanouts, old couches and sofa removals, furniture removals along with a variety of suburban office and building cleanouts. At night in center city we do office cleanouts on commercial buildings when all the workers by day have left and we can gain access to elevators. Often times we don’t start center city office cleanouts until 10:00 PM and finish up just as everyone is returning back to work the next morning. So the best answer to how to get rid of house and commercial building junk is simply call Philly Junk or contact us thru our web site @