Philly Junk House Cleanout

How many Philly Junk removal guys are needed for an estate cleanout?

If your looking to cleanout a complete house in Philadelphia, Pa. call PhillyJunk®. Philly Junk does complete house complete house cleanouts, apartment cleanouts and estate cleanouts every day through every area of Philadelphia, Pa. and the surrounding counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. if you got junk or looking for 1800 junk call PhillyJunk for your house cleanout, apartment cleanout or estate cleanout. Our trained residential and commercial junk removal pros will come and remove everything from where it sits. We will bag and empty closets, kitchen cabinets, clothing or almost everything else and load our trucks. We cannot remove paint, oil, gas or hazardous material but everything else will go. If you got junk or need a hauling junk removal team for your apartment cleanout, house cleanout or estate cleanout in North, south, northeast or west Philadelphia, Pa, call the junk removal pros at Philly Junk.® is a family owned and operated company serving all of the Philadelphia and surrounding counties service area. Philly Junk also operates Clean out junk for the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery, Pa. counties. Call PhillyJunk if got junk and your looking for a basement cleanout, furniture removal, garage cleanout, renovation debris removal, hauling junk, tenant cleanout, office furniture cleanout, house cleanout, estate cleanout, apartment cleanout, commercial building cleanout, retail store cleanout, storage unit cleanouts, 800 junk removal cleanout, junk king cleanout or simply have a few others you need removed. We charge by the amount of volume or material we remove. Philly Junk is fully insured and all employees pass a criminal background check and are always in uniform. PhillyJunk pros will professionally do house cleanouts, estate cleanouts, garage cleanouts, apartment cleanouts, basement cleanouts, got junk removal cleanouts, storage unit cleanouts, tenant cleanouts, office furniture removal all at a reasonable price. Call the pros at Philly Junk @ 1-888-810-5865 or schedule a pickup online at or®. If you live in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties, Pa. give PhillyJunk or CleanOutJunk a call.1-800-GOT-Junk