Sure there lots of snow on the ground and sure it’s cold but the Philly Junk® commercial building and residential junk removal crews are still removing office furniture in Montgomery County, Pa. PhillyJunk® the largest commercial property and office building cleanout company in the Philadelphia, Pa. region completes another smaller office cleanout for a Montgomery County, Pa. business getting ready to receive their new office furniture and office cubicles. “I can’t recall how many office desks, filing cabinets, office chairs and cubicles we have dismantled and removed over the years but it’s certainly seems in the thousands” quotes K.C. Ingram, co-founder of PhillyJunk, Inc. “We specialize in large commercial building and commercial property cleanouts so we have projects like these scheduled year round. Although similar to our residential junk removal service the pre-planning, equipment, and very often truck and tractor-trailer needs are very different” quotes Ingram.

PhillyJunk or Philly Junk specializes in commercial retail, office and property cleanout service in the Philadelphia, Pa. area. We have cleaned out small offices with just one or two office desks, filing cabinets and office chairs to commercial properties covering over 200 acre’s with a variety of industrial buildings, warehouses and offices on them. PhillyJunk has extensive experience specifically in the niche commercial building cleanout area. “The larger the commercial building or commercial property size the better and more economical our solution often can be, stated K.C. Ingram”. Generally speaking, the company we often compete against is our customer. Their solution is using their own labor and rent roll off dumpsters, rental trucks and start the process of empting the building or office. If you evaluate the total costs for what would appear to be a simple office building cleanout project using company labor, roll off dumpsters, renting trucks, etc., here is what many companies say to Philly Junk midway thru or after the building cleanout process. Their loaded labor costs is or was much higher than ours, their employees were not in the physical shape to “safely” handle the cleanout project putting them (employee and company) at risk, and adding in the cost of rental trucks, equipment, roll off rental dumpsters and off-loading costs far exceeded PhillyJunk’s formal estimate of costs. On the surface these commercial building cleanouts can be costly because companies are getting rid of old junk office furniture, chairs, desk, tables, etc. However, there is no inexpensive way these days to complete the task. PhillyJunk offers a fixed price estimate. In almost every case using the company’s own resources (accounting all costs) far exceed our estimate.  If your looking for an office cleanout, commercial property cleanout, retail store cleanout, industrial property or industrial building cleanout call the experienced pros at PhillyJunk. We service Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Washington, D.C.  for larger projects. PhillyJunk Office Cleanout