We love our basement cleanout jobs and were very good at them but there are times the job becomes a real pain in the head. Many of the row homes we work in Philadelphia have low ceilings in their basements. They have an even lower ceiling clearance in the outside basement exit which has a few steps to exit. Every one of our guys has ridges and bumps along the top of their heads from banging their head against the rafters over and over again while doing cleanouts in these types of basements. Soon we are going to mandate wearing hard hats for safety it happens so frequently. Last week while doing a basement cleanout in another row home in Philadelphia one of our guy’s head hits a nail spike (in the rafter) while carrying out a metal locker thru the outside basement exit. He looked like a heavyweight boxer with blood dripping down his entire left side of his face. He also ended up with a mild concussion. We know our jobs can often be dangerous and we take as much care as possible when doing cleanouts of all types. But, don’t be surprised if you see one of our teams walk in with hard hats while cleaning out your basement and you live in Philadelphia. If your looking for a professional, reliable company to cleanout your basement, garage, house, storage locker, apartment, business or just take away some old junk give PhillyJunk a call.