Our very own Brandon Badey will be honored tonight at the Philadelphia Phillies game and pictured on TV for outstanding service as a Philadelphia Police Officer. Brandon is one of six or seven police officers we employ. All of the others (police officer graduates) have recently completed their training and graduated from the police academy and are looking to sign on in one of the towns surrounding the Philadelphia Metro area. We’re proud of our crew (five guys and one girl) of recent police graduates for their dedication and hard work to complete their training and pursue law enforcement as a profession. Next time one of our junk removal guys comes knocking to do their junk disposal jobs just remember they are very likely a cop! We are also proud of the rest of our PhillyJunk.com team which includes a Philly sports editor, music critic, retail store manager and frankly i cannot recall what the others do.

Congratulations Bradon Badey from all of us at the PhillyJunk.com crew!