Whether we are cleaning out warehouse or light industrial buildings or performing estate cleanouts and house cleanouts our safety procedures our exactly the same. First thing we do is walk around and in the structure to insure we spot any potential safety hazards. We are also looking for the best, safest and most efficient places to park our trucks to begin the removal and loading process. Safety is our number one goal. We have cleaned out many large office buildings, light industrial buildings and hundreds if not thousands of house cleanouts. One potential customer called the other day for a mid size hotel cleanout which for us in a piece of cake. We run a commercial team and a residential team of cleanouts which helps keeps all projects running smoothly and focused on each of our customer needs. Lately, we hav e compeleted large center city office cleanouts, suburban office cleanouts, warehouse cleanouts and hundreds of house cleanouts. Our work has taken us from Philadelphia junk removal to Paoli junk disposal and over to Warrington junk removal. Just call PhillyJunk.com when you need a large scale cleanout or a typical house, garage or basement cleanout.