Commercial Junk Removal Services

Commercial Junk Removal Services

Many folks think of our service for residential junk removal application only. However, commercial (business) accounts make up a substantial part of appointments. We actually specialize in larger commercial building cleanouts. Business accounts come in all shapes and sizes and very often the junk removal material is very different. Our junk hauling teams often do: ongoing retail renovation projects, warehouse cleanouts, manufacturing building cleanouts, office building and office space cleanouts, hospital & school building cleanouts and all sorts of other businesses. For us these projects often are our most challenging. Many times because of their size and complexity it takes several days (or weeks at times) to complete the whole cleanout process. We call in the heavy equipment when needed including: tractor trailers, 40′ flatbed trucks, cranes, 28′ and 24′ box trucks and on and on. We have an arsenal of big boy tools we own to dislodge machines or cut them in the removal process. A few weeks ago we called in some help to remove two 45,000 lb. manufacturing machines that had been sitting in place for almost 25 years. Often we are removing old office furniture such as old desks, filing cabinets, old work stations, boxes of old files, etc. But every once in awhile we get to cleanout airport hangers like we did for the Willow Grove Naval Air Station or manufacturing warehouses full of obsolete products where we are dismantling large storage racks or using our cutting tools to cut thru heavy metal. Whatever the business cleanout need, PhillyJunk usually has the resources to do the job, safely and cost effectively. No matter if the project is small or large we likley can develop the solution. If you need your business space cleaned up give us a call. No one likes to pay for lease space they are not properly utilizing.

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