Seems like every week we are cleaning out and removing office furniture, old cubicals, e-waste, chairs, conference room tables, cartons, desks and all sorts of office furnishings from one of the buldings in Center City, Pa. Most of these cleanouts begin at either 6:00PM or 10:00PM. Our commercial junk removal crews work through the night dismantling cubicals and waiting for freight elevators. We sometimes are able to get a 53′ tractor trailer close and if not, we bring in 24′ or 28′ trucks to load the old office furniture. You need to scout the whole project well before it begins so you know where to park, where to bring down the furniture and just how many junk disposal crews you will need. These projects must be completed before 6:30AM. We certainly have a system after doing hundreds of these types of jobs in the city. If you are looking for a commercial office cleanout company give PhillyJunk a call.