During a recent estate cleanout in Chester Springs one of our customers with her hands full of art glass tripped and fell down a flight a stairs. Fortunately for her we have four recent police academy graduates trained in first aid working for PhillyJunk and one of which was on site. Our own Maureen (a recent graduate of the police academy) took immediate charge of the situation and called 911 while helping to contain the injuries suffered by our customer. Our customer suffered broken ribs, a broken foot and torn tendon in her hand (which required surgery) and some stitches to her head, so it was no small matter.
These types of accidents are not isolated incidents and they are exactly why PhillyJunk conducts safety training sessions every few weeks for our truck teams. Very often when you are in buildings and houses which are in a state of transit it is easy to trip over something or have an accident of some kind. PhillyJunk gets hired to cleanout buildings and houses so that our customers do not risk these types of injuries, but they still happen from time to time. In this case the customer was still sorting through things when the accident occurred and what we were doing at the time did not contribute in any way to the cause of the accident. Fortunately for our customer we had trained first aid employees who were able to act swiftly and care for the customer until the paramedics arrived. If you have a property or building that needs junk removal or an estate cleanout give PhillyJunk a call.