Philly Junk your locally family owned residential and commercial junk removal service in Philadelphia, Pa. offers a few suggestions to help clean out your house or complete an estate cleanout. First, set a firm date when relevant family members who wish items from the house must have them removed. By this date all valuables, memorabilia, furnishings, etc. that the family has an interest in keeping are removed. This includes any furnishings deemed as valuable which are normally antiques. Keep in mind as the population ages more and family households are downsizing so there is plenty of household items already on the market trying to be sold. Once the firm date has come and passed then our service such as PhillyJunk or CleanOutJunk comes in. We bag up overthinking else left in the house and safely and quickly remove it. Once loaded in our trucks we determine if certain items will get donated or sent off to the recycling center. We do not purchase any household items nor resell any of them. The whole house or estate cleanout process only takes hours. Once all the unwanted material is removed then often times a handyman comes in and completes any minor repairs. Once the repairs are complete a house cleaner would normally comes up to spruce up the house a bit and once completed the house is ready to market for sale. Real estate agents like the houses empty to show. Leaving items behind will only causes issues during the settlement part of the house sale.


If your looking for professional help to cleanout a house or an estate cleanout give the experienced pros at Philly Junk and Clean Out Junk a call. We have completed thousands of residential and commercial property cleanouts. We serve Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties, Pa. House and estate cleanouts or any variation is our specialty


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