Often times we are asked what is the “average” cost for a house cleanout or estate cleanout. Along with this question is usually the size of the house (square feet) and perhaps the number of bedrooms that need junk removed. One thing for certain in our business is you can never judge how large a project is simply by standing outside the front door of the house. We can take a row house in Philly that is about the average size of thousands of row houses in the city and can remove as little as as 1/4 truck of junk disposal items or the record 21 trucks of junk from the exact same size house. Generally, it’s not the furniture within a home that takes up the most space in our trucks in a whole house cleanout or estate cleanout its all the rubbish and clutter that had been saved over the years and stored in the basement, garage, spare bedrooms, etc. There is no such thing as an “average size” house cleanout for us. Each one varies to the next. We do hundereds of house cleanouts and estate cleanouts in our serving area of PhillyJunk and CleanOutJunk and no two are alike. It is not unusal to do three to five trucks when we clean out a complete house depending on what the family wishes to keep. If your looking for someone who can clean out your house, storage unit, apartment, office building, warehouse, etc. give PhillyJunk a call.