Seven days a week our truck teams are cleaning out entire houses, apartments, storage units, condo’s, buildings, retail stores or just about anything else throughout Philadelphia. Philadelphia is one of the few cities we operate where we can offload 24/7. That is a big advantage for us to timley complete our projects. We run both commercial and residential truck teams full-time in Philadelphia and all of the surrounding areas. There are plenty of commercial buidings and residential properlties to keep us busy seven days a week. Our commercial building removal crews not only remove office furniture, file cabinets, chairs, conference room tables, e-waste, etc. but we also cleanout light industrail buildings. These include warehouses, commercial buiildings used for light manufacturing. Often times we are pulling out some very heavy industrial machines which in some cases are larger than the size of our residential junk removal trucks. These complex projects are present our biggest challenge and we are good at it. As we often say, it’s all about project management, resources, experience and our people that make these projects work without any accidents. Having the right tools and the people who know how to operate them is our compelling advantage.