House Downsizing, House Cleanouts, Estate Cleanouts

House Downsizing, House Cleanouts, Estate Cleanouts

Are you house downsizing, doing a house cleanout for an upcoming real estate sale, or need an estate cleanout completed? We receive calls everyday for each of these services. There is often apprehension and uncertainty on what to do and how to accomplish from the person on the other end of the phone. For us it’s simple. We remove all unwanted material right from where it sits, load and dispose. By disposal we do not mean a landfill. The material will either be donated or sent to a recycling center, we do not resell anything. Our estate cleanouts, clean out houses or house cleanout service is completed by our insured, uniformed, trained professionals who come in and remove everything from exactly where it sits. We empty closets, clean out attics, basement cleanouts, garage cleanouts, empty cabinet draws and remove cabinets, remove unwanted furniture and clothing, cleanout the kitchen cabinets, empty the storage shed, and anything else. There are a few exceptions. We cannot remove paint, gas, oil and hazardous chemicals. Those items can be taken to your local town disposal facility. Everything else in the house or apartment cleanout goes. We charge by the amount of volume the unwanted material fills in our truck(s). The material could fill 1/2 of a truck or 2 1/2 trucks. We provide an estimate (range of volume) before we begin during a walk thru phrase upon first arrival. During the walk thru we are told what goes and what may stay i.e. appliances, carpet, etc. Once everything is packed, removed and loaded we can see for certain how much space or volume the material takes up in our truck(s). When your house downsizing often times it’s best to have our staff come in after you removed all the furnishing and material you wish to take with you. That way everything left in the house or apartment needs to go. When your selling a house often times real estate agents prefer the house be free of clutter so we come in before the house is sold to remove the house clutter. After the house is sold and you move out we normally are the last call made. We will come in and remove everything else and broom sweep the floors. House downsizing, house cleanouts and estate cleanouts can be over-whelming for many families. There are so many details aside from getting the house or apartment cleaned out. Our job is to take the worry out of insuring the house is emptied professionally and properly with insured staff and company. You certainly do not want the property damaged during the house or apartment cleanout phrase so call PhillyJunk, the house and estate cleanout professionals.

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