The junk removal business is littered with all sorts of interesting characters and business owners. Our success over the last few years brings lots of copy cat companies who want to captilize using the PhillyJunk brand name to confuse customers from locating us. On one of the recent web sites I visited from one of our illustrious competitors our company along with others is listed on a comparison chart. According to their “comparison chart” they checked us off that we don’t recycle or donate items we remove. They could not be more wrong. Our customers are well aware of the efforts we go thru to locate new homes for items we remove which still have some use in them. We also spend the extra time and resources to off load at LEED certified recycle centers whenever possible.

These companies should spend their resources trying to improve their own company and leave ours alone. If you want the real thing just call Were not trying to be like anyone else because we believe, as do many of our customers, we are the best in residential and commercial junk removal. If you have any junk removal needs in any of the five counties (Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware & Chester) please call the one and only We don’t need a comparison chart to prove were the best just call us and you will get the opportunity first hand to see and experience it for yourself.