In addition to our regular junk removal services (residential & commercial) we also operate a specialized junk disposal team for some of the larger junk removal projects we receive. This past week our commercial junk removal team demolished a 60′ x 35′ garage and barn structure and removed all of its contents. This time of the year we are doing a lot of junk disposals of garden sheds, tool sheds, garages, car ports, light industrial machinery, or removing hot tubs, cleaning out warehouse buildings and office complexes and buildings. Before we say no to any inquiry we always take a look. Our commercial team is very specialized in these areas and certainly one of the larger crews along the east coast for large industrial and commercial cleanouts. Traditional junk removal companies and our own regular residential truck teams do not have the specialized tools or vehicles for these removals nor the experience. We currently are in discussions to dismantle and relocate several locomotive engines and rail cars which we are hopeful to finalize. Whatever your residential or commercial junk removal needs in Norristown, Pa., Montgomery County, Pa. or anywhere in the Philadelphia junk removal area give PhillyJunk a call. It’s perfectly OK if you want to search the net for Philly Junk instead of PhillyJunk. You will still locate our company.