The PhillyJunk crews worked until 3:30AM completing a rush office cleanout for Al Dia NewsMedia. With just six hours notice office cleanout crews were assembled in downtown Philly to move out office furniture, filing cabinets, old computers and printers, chairs, tables, cubicles and all the other normal stuff left behind in an office cleanout. Al Dia NewsMedia relocated to a new facility and our team was called in to clear out all the old office furniture left behind. As with many of the office relocations in downtown high rise buildings there is only one active freight elevator so the removal always takes much longer than lower floor buildings. We began around 6:00PM when most of the office building tenants were gone for the evening and finally parked our trucks at 3:30AM. The crews on the job had began their day at 7:00AM that morning so it was a very long day for many of them. If you need an office space cleaned out give PhillyJunk a call. We have become one of the largest along the east coast at these cleanouts. We specialize in large office space and office building cleanouts but we also do simple one office desk or one conference table pick ups. Just call PhillyJunk. Plenty of references are available.