Philly Junk or PhillyJunk whichever way you wish to spell it keeps rolling junk removal truck teams with plenty of projects in Philadelphia. We are working full schedules seven days a week as we begin to preform our annual service inspections of each of our trucks throughout our fleet of junk disposal trucks. Don’t be surprised if a CleanOutJunk truck with out of state plates pulls up to your job with PhillyJunk uniforms to do your junk removal project. At this time of year we bring in every truck no matter its usual geographic location and go over the complete truck from a mechanical, cosmetic and how it’s equipped in the cab and each tool box. Each one of our trucks is outfitted exactly the same way using the same branded tools located in the same position within the secured tool boxes and truck cab. For security each one of our trucks is also equipped with tracking GPS units and on board video cameras. When parked we keep night vision cameras (hidden) and turned on with views of all four sides to our trucks. We cannot say where the cameras are placed but they are state of the art technology. If anyone approaches one of our parked trucks it will trigger a security alert back at our central monitor station. If your looking for a junk removal company in the Philadelphia area and need a basement cleanout, garage cleanout, house cleanout, estate cleanout, furniture removal or an office cleaned out call PhillyJunk. We operate a full schedule throughout the holiday season.