Philadelphia Junk Removal

Philadelphia Junk Removal

We sure do spend a lot of time in houses and office buildings in Philadelphia doing house cleanouts, junk removals, junk disposal, junk trash removal, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts, office furniture removal, garage cleanouts or just about anything else. One of our trucks can usually get to their first job within 20-30 minutes from where they are parked every morning. Every day, seven days a week we have trucks running and many times we operate thru the early morning hours doing commercial building or retail store cleanouts where we can only get in to begin the removal after hours.
Our truck crews love their jobs though. Each project is very different than the last so it’s always a surprise pulling up and seeing what needs to be removed. Our roots are in Philly including our name and all the variations people use to search us out; Philly Junk, PhillyJunk, Philadelphia junk removal, 800 Philly Junk, got junk philly or any other number of names. Just make sure you contact the orginal PhillyJunk removal company at 1-888-810-5865. Our name is trademarked and we always catch others attempting to use it.

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