Perhaps one of the most common questions we get asked. We simply either donate the material whenever we can or send it off to transfer stations (recycle centers). We do not re-sell anything so therefore we do not “offset” the cost of the removal for items which are resold by others. Our business is the safe removal of items. Safety is always our first concern. We do not want our employees injured (nor do our customers) and we do not want to cause any property damage during the removal. We do not pull up to our jobs in pick-up trucks pulling trailers either. We own all of our equipment and tools. If you need junk removal, junk disposal or any type of junk removed give PhillyJunk a call. We cleanout houses, basements, garages, offices, office buildings, storage units, apartments, dismantle and remove tool sheds, hot tubs, wooden structures, etc. Anywhere in the Philadelphia and surrounding area.