Although we haulout all sorts of material every day the vast majority is just plain junk. One of the most common questions (and miss-conceptions) we are asked is what do we with all the stuff we remove. Well, frankly most people over value their old furniture and possessions. In today’s market there is a glut of old furniture on the market for sale at companies like Craig’s List. There also is plenty of old office furniture on the market. We do not resell anything we simply send it off to the recycling center or if and when possible we donate the items. Our first responsibility is to our customers which is to safely dismantle and remove their unwanted items. So we remove old wooden structures, hot tubs, exercise equipment, garden sheds, pool tables, swing sets, jungle gyms, and things and many other items. We also cleanout commercial buildings, office buildings and a whole bunch of houses, apartments, storage units, condos, light industrial buildings, or just about any other structure. We just cannot remove gas, oil, paint or chemicals. So, if you got junk or items that just need dismantled and removed call Philly Junk. We have been hauling junk for awhile now and we are simply the best at what we do! Call PhillyJunk for and schedule your junk removal job in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware counties.