Junk is a relative term, since one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Just this past week, at an estate cleanout in Havertown, PA, the PhillyJunk crew was tasked with the removal of debris from a classic townhouse on a crowded street. As the team hauled away the bulky items — couches, refrigerators, cabinets, furniture, appliances, etc. — the neighbors aligned the street for a firsthand view of the removal. As the items were transported from the home, the spectators became participants, often asking if they could partake in some of the more useful junk. Always a proponent for civic involvement, Philly Junk happily helped those inquiring take away their requested items. A mother received a a queen-sized bed for her daughter; a seven-year-old child was the new owner of a Fisher Price basketball set; a musician added a cello to her vast musical set. The enjoyment on their faces provided another perk for being part of one of the largest residential and commercial junk removal companies in the Philadelphia area.

While the aforementioned job in Havertown was an aberration from our normal daily routine, Philly Junk always uses recycling centers, which sifts through the junk, saves what can be salvaged and distributes the newly configured treasures accordingly. The crew works efficiently and effectively to assure the growing clientele can experience a first-class junk pick up service, one that won’t just haul away trash, but find an environmentally friendly spot for it.

So if you got junk and need someone to clean out the debris, call Philly Junk. It’s likely to make someone’s day along the line.