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How To Remove An Old Shed or Hot Tub

By |2013-03-25T06:44:05-07:00March 25th, 2013|PhillyJunk news|

No matter what the weather is doing it seems every week we are dismantling a wood shed, metal shed or hot tub and loading the contents onto our junk removal trucks. Doing these projects has become as routine as anything else we remove but we have removed hundreds of shed and hot tubs and always proceed with caution. All of our employees are now well trained on the hot tub removal or wood shed removal process and have already encountered a variety of obsticules in previous removals to know how to deal with them. Our trucks do not just simply back onto property next to the shed or hot tub and begin tearing the unit apart and loading. We also do not drive our 9500 pound trucks onto grass. We carefully evaluate how we are going to dismantel first then begin the process. Once completed we load the contents onto […]

Hot Tubs & Wood Sheds

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Seems like we dismantel and remove an endless amount of hot tubs and wood sheds. I cannot imagine any other company removing more than PhillyJunk unless of course our other company, CleanOutJunk. Almost every day we are removing either a hot tub or wooden shed and often times multiple times. There is a process to removing both other wise you will be there much longer than you should and making a larger mess than you you need. You also need to take extra care removing both because there is plenty of room for property damage or personal injury. The most common injury with wooden shed removals we encounter is stepping on nails sticking up. Trust me they hurt and could become more dangerous if you do not have a recent tetnus shot. If your looking for a company with experience to remove your old wooden or metal shed or an […]

Wood Sheds Removed Every Day

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Our junk disposal crews worked on removing wood sheds every day last week. Several were the normal size of 8′ x 10′ or so however we had a few that were 10′ x 18′ and 12′ x 20′ which makes for very large wood sheds. Those larger wooden sheds have tall ceilings and often time include a second level of storage space. You need to know what you’re doing and have the right set of tools to take down these wooden sheds. Several of them were located near other structures so the shed removal process is tricky. We were removing sheds in Levittown, Bryn Mawr, Huntingdon Valley, Horsham, Doylestown, West Chester, Narberth, Sellersville, Paoli and a few other locations if I recall. Also during the week it must have been hot tub removal week as we did a number of hot tub removals. Once again several of these hot tubs […]