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House Downsizing, House Cleanouts, Estate Cleanouts

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Are you house downsizing, doing a house cleanout for an upcoming real estate sale, or need an estate cleanout completed? We receive calls everyday for each of these services. There is often apprehension and uncertainty on what to do and how to accomplish from the person on the other end of the phone. For us it’s simple. We remove all unwanted material right from where it sits, load and dispose. By disposal we do not mean a landfill. The material will either be donated or sent to a recycling center, we do not resell anything. Our estate cleanouts, clean out houses or house cleanout service is completed by our insured, uniformed, trained professionals who come in and remove everything from exactly where it sits. We empty closets, clean out attics, basement cleanouts, garage cleanouts, empty cabinet draws and remove cabinets, remove unwanted furniture and clothing, cleanout the kitchen cabinets, empty […] Completes Several House Cleanouts & Estate Cleanouts in 48hrs.

By |2014-08-14T20:51:24-07:00August 14th, 2014|PhillyJunk news| one of Philadelphia’s area largest professional commercial and residential junk removal companies worked almost around the clock in houses located in Philadelphia, Horsham, West Chester, Upper Darby and Cherry Hill, N.J. to complete some massive house cleanouts and estate cleanouts. In two days our Philly Junk junk removal crews removed over 65 full truck loads of furniture, boxes, cloths, carpet, appliances, garage cleanouts, basement cleanouts, wood shed cleanouts and all sorts of junk from just five houses. In each house cleanout or estate cleanout we were called with just a day or two of advance notice. Fortunately, we had the right amount of trucks and junk removal crews dispatched to each location to fully complete each house cleanout or estate cleanout and ended up with five very satisfied customers. If you got junk and need a house cleanout or have an estate cleanout give Philly Junk a call. We […]

PhillyJunk Completes House Cleanout

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House cleanouts of all shapes and sizes are one of our specialties. We seem to perform better when houses have more stuff left behind. There are several reasons for house cleanouts; downsizing, estate cleanouts, relocation, renovation, flood damage, restoration or some home owners just simply want to reduce their clutter. We have completed house clean outs in just about every town in our serving area including the serving area of CleanOutJunk. We judge the number of trucks and junk removal crews we send to each job by the amount of volume of material to be removed. We remove everything right where it sits. This includes cleaning out cabinets, closets, attics, basements, back yards, porches, furniture, clothing, clutter, boxes, pianos, garages, furniture and just about anything else. We bag up all the lose items and load the trucks. Most of the items we donate. The other items we send off to […]

Commercial Building cleanouts Estate Cleanouts

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Whether we are cleaning out warehouse or light industrial buildings or performing estate cleanouts and house cleanouts our safety procedures our exactly the same. First thing we do is walk around and in the structure to insure we spot any potential safety hazards. We are also looking for the best, safest and most efficient places to park our trucks to begin the removal and loading process. Safety is our number one goal. We have cleaned out many large office buildings, light industrial buildings and hundreds if not thousands of house cleanouts. One potential customer called the other day for a mid size hotel cleanout which for us in a piece of cake. We run a commercial team and a residential team of cleanouts which helps keeps all projects running smoothly and focused on each of our customer needs. Lately, we hav e compeleted large center city office cleanouts, suburban […]

Professional Organizers Can Help

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Very often we are asked to help organize the sorting of material from an estate cleanout, house cleanout or a family that is transitioning their parent to an assisted living home. Although we do not provide this type of service we work with a group of professionals which do, National Organization of Professional Organizers. Locally, you can reach a list of professional organizers thru the the web site. On the NAPO-GPC site you will get an idea of just how extensive their service offering is along with a list of local organizers you can contact. I urge you to check out their web site and if your in a situation where you could use some help getting things organized please contact one of their members. You will be happy you did.

PhillyJunk Receives Federal Trademark

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PhillyJunk, Inc. has received a federal trademark from the Unisted States Patent and Trademark Office for PhillyJunk. At the same time CleanOutJunk (wholly owned by PhillyJunk, Inc.) also was issued a registered trademark. “It’s important to protect your company’s brand” noted Marty Ingram, President of PhillyJunk, Inc. “There are a few companies who are attempting to use our trade name in some way to help their business and our intention is to protect our brand name and trusted reputation. There is only one PhillyJunk and one CleanOutJunk in the markets we serve and this trademark registration will help clear any potental confusion, Ingram said.