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Who Says It’s Junk?

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Although we haulout all sorts of material every day the vast majority is just plain junk. One of the most common questions (and miss-conceptions) we are asked is what do we with all the stuff we remove. Well, frankly most people over value their old furniture and possessions. In today’s market there is a glut of old furniture on the market for sale at companies like Craig’s List. There also is plenty of old office furniture on the market. We do not resell anything we simply send it off to the recycling center or if and when possible we donate the items. Our first responsibility is to our customers which is to safely dismantle and remove their unwanted items. So we remove old wooden structures, hot tubs, exercise equipment, garden sheds, pool tables, swing sets, jungle gyms, and things and many other items. We also cleanout commercial buildings, office buildings […]

Montgomery County Junk Removal Truck Arriving

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We’re adding to our fleet again. This time the junk hauling truck will be parked and used almost exclusively for the Montgomery County and Bucks County serving area. We currently have trucks parked in strategic locations around Philadelphia but this new addition will allow our travel time to customers in Bucks and Montgomery county to be faster. Our service has been well received in all the areas we serve and our guys work hard on providing the best possible service in our industry. So towns like Blue Bell, Willow Grove, Ambler, Lansdale, Collegeville, Jenkintown, and New Britian all can be served faster simply by having more junk removal trucks on the road. Currently, the truck is being serviced, inspected, painted and the grahics added and will be offically put into service in about two weeks. Just in time for our busy season. Each of our trucks are fully equipped with […]

PhillyJunk Receives Federal Trademark

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PhillyJunk, Inc. has received a federal trademark from the Unisted States Patent and Trademark Office for PhillyJunk. At the same time CleanOutJunk (wholly owned by PhillyJunk, Inc.) also was issued a registered trademark. “It’s important to protect your company’s brand” noted Marty Ingram, President of PhillyJunk, Inc. “There are a few companies who are attempting to use our trade name in some way to help their business and our intention is to protect our brand name and trusted reputation. There is only one PhillyJunk and one CleanOutJunk in the markets we serve and this trademark registration will help clear any potental confusion, Ingram said.

PhillyJunk – 1, Winter – 0

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When the season turns from fall to winter, it’s common for most people to delay their junking needs until the weather is more conducive to physical labor. After all, who wants to move heavy furniture and dispose of trash while wearing hoodies and knit caps?

The answer: PhillyJunk. Several weeks ago, when the first snow of the new season unexpectedly struck the Philadelphia area, the PhillyJunk crew was undeterred, filling multiple trucks in Upper Darby despite the harsh elements. While the conditions were not ideal, the crew took every necessary precaution in ensuring the junk removal was done as safe and efficient as possible.

One of the benefits of using our junk hauling service is we pick up junk right where it sits, making your lives that much easier, especially in the cold. While you stay warm in your Snuggies, our crew works regardless of the conditions. It’s not something we boast […]

PhillyJunk’s Co-Founder on the Radio!

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Marty Ingram, the co-founder and owner of PhillyJunk and its subsidiary, CleanOutJunk, joined radio host Barry Papiernik for a 25-minute Q&A on WJNT NewsTalk 1180 AM. Discussed are the origins of the growing residential and commercial junk removal company and its day-to-day operations. Marty details the family-owned success story and what makes PhillyJunk stand out from its competitors, most notably its employees.

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PhillyJunk: Where Everyone Knows Your Name

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phillyjunk operatorOne of the unique qualities of the PhillyJunk experience is the interaction between the customers and our team. We take tremendous pride in treating people the way we’d appreciate if we were on the other side. Whether it’s calling before our scheduled junk removal appointment to confirm our arrival time (something many junk haulers regularly fail to do), communicating with the utmost respect, or simply keeping a light-hearted tone throughout the junk removal process, we generally leave an indelible mark on those we service.

We often have repeat customers who reference our team members by name, which makes our job feel less like work and more like we’re dealing with friends or family members. One customer in particular (we’ll call him ‘Chuck’ for privacy purposes) knows each member of the Philly Junk team by memory.

Chuck has taken on the unenviable task […]

Junk: The Circle of Life

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Junk is a relative term, since one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Just this past week, at an estate cleanout in Havertown, PA, the PhillyJunk crew was tasked with the removal of debris from a classic townhouse on a crowded street. As the team hauled away the bulky items — couches, refrigerators, cabinets, furniture, appliances, etc. — the neighbors aligned the street for a firsthand view of the removal. As the items were transported from the home, the spectators became participants, often asking if they could partake in some of the more useful junk. Always a proponent for civic involvement, Philly Junk happily helped those inquiring take away their requested items. A mother received a a queen-sized bed for her daughter; a seven-year-old child was the new owner of a Fisher Price basketball set; a musician added a cello to her vast musical set. The enjoyment on their faces provided another perk […]