PhillyJunk: Where Everyone Knows Your Name

PhillyJunk: Where Everyone Knows Your Name

phillyjunk operatorOne of the unique qualities of the PhillyJunk experience is the interaction between the customers and our team. We take tremendous pride in treating people the way we’d appreciate if we were on the other side. Whether it’s calling before our scheduled junk removal appointment to confirm our arrival time (something many junk haulers regularly fail to do), communicating with the utmost respect, or simply keeping a light-hearted tone throughout the junk removal process, we generally leave an indelible mark on those we service.

We often have repeat customers who reference our team members by name, which makes our job feel less like work and more like we’re dealing with friends or family members. One customer in particular (we’ll call him ‘Chuck’ for privacy purposes) knows each member of the Philly Junk team by memory.

Chuck has taken on the unenviable task of gutting his newly purchased home in South Philadelphia and personally installing all the drywall, ceiling and floor boards. This daunting project has taken several months to accomplish, and he’s still only halfway complete. Though Chuck is very independent, he needs assistance with debris removal, and that’s where Philly Junk steps in. We first went to Chuck’s row home in mid-July, just as he began tearing down the drywall in his living room. We navigated our truck, which holds 15 cubic yards (10′ x 8′ x 5′), through the narrow streets of South Philadelphia and landed on his doorstep without knowing this was the first of many visits.

The opening stage was quick and easy—a half-truck load of dry wall completed in less than 30 minutes. It was almost like Chuck was testing how we operated. Apparently we passed, because nary a week goes by without Chuck giving us a call. As the project evolves, our workload gets increasingly tougher as the bulky trash continues to build. But the physically tiresome act is accomplished quickly because of our rapport with Chuck. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but time also flies when you’re working with—and for—good people.

There are more customers like Chuck on the PhillyJunk repeat list. As those add up, it assures our deliberate commitment to quality customer service is working.

And though all customers won’t be as frequent as Chuck, everyone will be treated the same way.

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