Why should I use PhillyJunk over other junk removal providers?

Quite frankly, we’re the best in the business.  We’re the most professional, most efficient, safest, most environmentally conscious, friendliest, most affordable junk removal company serving your area.

What kind of stuff will you remove for me?

We’ll help you with almost anything.  We’ll take old furniture, used appliances, computers, televisions, tools, yard waste, construction refuse, air conditioners, mattresses, tree limbs and machinery, to name just a few.  For a comprehensive list, click here.

What kind of stuff will you not accept for disposal?

Disposal of certain hazardous or environmentally unsafe materials is strictly regulated by federal, state and local laws.  For example, we cannot pick up medical or biological waste, paints, solvents, asbestos, flammable fuels or oils.  For a complete listing of prohibited items, click here.

Do you recycle?

recycleYes!  We care passionately about our planet and its future, and our core philosophy calls for recycling materials whenever and wherever possible.  We hope you agree, and if you do, let us know in advance so our estimate reflects your desire to participate in recycling efforts.

Can my stuff be donated to charitable organizations?

Absolutely.  Items that still have some life left in them are eagerly accepted by charities such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  As an environmentally friendly company, PhillyJunk strongly encourages donating items whenever feasible.  Just tell us ahead of time so we know where we’ll ultimately be delivering these items.

Is my location in your service area?
If you’re in the Greater Philadelphia area, including nearby counties in Delaware and New Jersey, you’re in our service area.   If you’re located in an area that’s not listed, and we end up adding your town to our listing, you win a cool Philly Junk t-shirt!

How can I determine my ballpark costs before making an appointment?

The best way is to look at the price points shown on the Pricing page.  These indicate the typical prices based on a full or partial (half, quarter, 2/3rds, etc) truckload.

How can I pay?

We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover, debit card, personal check, or good old fashioned cash.

accepted payments

What about safety concerns and liability?

At PhillyJunk, safety is our number one priority.  All our employees undergo comprehensive safety training regarding safe practices and procedures for loading and handling of all types of materials.  What’s more, our trucks are equipped with GPS capabilities to ensure safe driving practices.  We are fully insured with workers compensation protection and vehicle coverage, so our customers are absolved of any possible liability claims.

Why are you called PhillyJunk?

Our company began here in Philadelphia, PA and the counties which surround (Bucks, Chester, Delaware & Montgomery Counties).  We’re from here, we love it here, and we honor and respect the honest, hardworking people with whom we share our city.

What can I do to lower my costs?

Residential customers:  If you know a friend, neighbor or relative who is looking to remove junk items from their home, simply refer their name and contact information to us.  If your referral results in a new customer for us, you’ll earn substantial savings on your next junk removal.  How great is that?

Commercial customers:   Open an account with us and receive lower commercial rates based on a higher volume of stuff we’re removing for you.