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PhillyJunk – 1, Winter – 0

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When the season turns from fall to winter, it’s common for most people to delay their junking needs until the weather is more conducive to physical labor. After all, who wants to move heavy furniture and dispose of trash while wearing hoodies and knit caps?

The answer: PhillyJunk. Several weeks ago, when the first snow of the new season unexpectedly struck the Philadelphia area, the PhillyJunk crew was undeterred, filling multiple trucks in Upper Darby despite the harsh elements. While the conditions were not ideal, the crew took every necessary precaution in ensuring the junk removal was done as safe and efficient as possible.

One of the benefits of using our junk hauling service is we pick up junk right where it sits, making your lives that much easier, especially in the cold. While you stay warm in your Snuggies, our crew works regardless of the conditions. It’s not something we boast […]

Have You Heard Our Radio Ad?

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Listen to our new radio ad and let us know what you think. Have you already heard it on the radio? Let us know which station in the comments below.

      Philly Junk Radio Spot

PhillyJunk’s Co-Founder on the Radio!

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Marty Ingram, the co-founder and owner of PhillyJunk and its subsidiary, CleanOutJunk, joined radio host Barry Papiernik for a 25-minute Q&A on WJNT NewsTalk 1180 AM. Discussed are the origins of the growing residential and commercial junk removal company and its day-to-day operations. Marty details the family-owned success story and what makes PhillyJunk stand out from its competitors, most notably its employees.

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