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PhillyJunk Helps NAPO-GPC & Soles4Souls

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One of the many benefits of working at PhillyJunk is giving back to our community. Whether its the occasional furniture dropoff or giving away items to charities, we are always pursuing opportunities to benefit those in need.

Recently, we were fortunate to join forces with a Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-GPC) in an daunting venture that would provided a multitude of shoes to the underprivileged.

The selfless volunteers in the chapter undertook the task of participating in Soles4Souls, a Nashville-based charity that collects shoes and delivers them worldwide. In total, they collected a whopping 12,000-plus shoes in a short amount of time. Their efforts were nothing short of extraordinary and seeing the smiles on their faces as the shoes piled up demonstrated their pure, honest generosity.

PhillyJunk was nothing more than a footnote in aiding the process. Being part of NAPO-GPC ourselves, we offered our pickup […]

PhillyJunk Receives Federal Trademark

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PhillyJunk, Inc. has received a federal trademark from the Unisted States Patent and Trademark Office for PhillyJunk. At the same time CleanOutJunk (wholly owned by PhillyJunk, Inc.) also was issued a registered trademark. “It’s important to protect your company’s brand” noted Marty Ingram, President of PhillyJunk, Inc. “There are a few companies who are attempting to use our trade name in some way to help their business and our intention is to protect our brand name and trusted reputation. There is only one PhillyJunk and one CleanOutJunk in the markets we serve and this trademark registration will help clear any potental confusion, Ingram said.