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House Cleanouts Philadelphia

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Seven days a week our truck teams are cleaning out entire houses, apartments, storage units, condo’s, buildings, retail stores or just about anything else throughout Philadelphia. Philadelphia is one of the few cities we operate where we can offload 24/7. That is a big advantage for us to timley complete our projects. We run both commercial and residential truck teams full-time in Philadelphia and all of the surrounding areas. There are plenty of commercial buidings and residential properlties to keep us busy seven days a week. Our commercial building removal crews not only remove office furniture, file cabinets, chairs, conference room tables, e-waste, etc. but we also cleanout light industrail buildings. These include warehouses, commercial buiildings used for light manufacturing. Often times we are pulling out some very heavy industrial machines which in some cases are larger than the size of our residential junk removal trucks. These complex projects are […]

Hot Tub Removal Takes Maximum Effort

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We are used to hot tub and wood shed removals. We remove about 20-30 a month in every market we operate. In all those only one or two filled a full truck becuase of its size and related accessories, unitl last week. We came accross the mother of all hot tubs in Langhorne, Pa. A late storm last year had knocked down the wodden structure and screen that was built for the hot tub when the unit was lifted by crane in place ten years ago. When our first truck team arrived day 1 they attempted to begin the removal process and clearly were over whelmed at the size and complexity of the job. This was the largest and likley highest quality hot tub we have encoutered yet. Day 2 we sent in two teams with much more equipment and after three full trucks and a long afternoon we finally […]

Rate Schedule Change Coming Soon, Schedule Now

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For the most part we have held our rates the same the last eighteen months or so. However, like all things most of our costs (fuel, insurance, off loading rates, etc.) have increased a fair amount during this time. We will be posting a new rate schedule within the few weeks which will take effect once the new rate cards are printed and the rates are published online. Although are rates are not finalized yet we expect our new minimum load price to be $144.00 and our full truck price rate should be $619.00. There may be a few serving areas in the Bucks County area that are not affected by these new rates. Our exsisting rates will still be in effect to all appointments booked prior to the increase.

West Chester & Wayne Junk Removal

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Trucks in the Wayne-West Chester area did not need to roll to far the last few days. We had lots to do in both commercial and residential junk removal jobs in West Chester, Newtwon Square, Wayne, Malvern, Paoli, Pa. and a few other surrounding towns. Our guys have removed several hot tubs, storage sheds, office furniture, file cabinets, conference room tables, garage cleanouts and two estate cleanouts. All of our trucks keep rolling most days this time of the year as our schedule fills up quickly. Give us a call if your in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia counties or in South Jersey and northern Delaware. We have trucks located all throughout the area.

Delaware County Junk Removal

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Our name is PhillyJunk and we operate in all five counties Philadelphia, Delaware, Bucks, Chester and Montgomery counties. We park trucks in each county so they are accessible to most of our jobs quickly. We also operate in Southern New Jersey and northern Delaware. Junk removal which includes house cleanouts, estate cleanouts, garage cleanouts, basement cleanouts, office building cleanouts, indstrial building cleanouts or the removal of just about anything is what we do. Lately, we have been removing some very large machinery 40,000 pounds plus. So, if you have a commercial property (office, retail or industrial) that needs cleaned out give us a call. Unlike many any companies in the business we have some very large equipment to remove almost any large item. We have used tractor trailers, forty foot flatbed trailers, cranes, 28′ box trucks, fork trucks, heavy duty winches, cutting torches, metal cutters and can locate most other […]