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Where Does All The Junk Go?

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Perhaps one of the most common questions we get asked. We simply either donate the material whenever we can or send it off to transfer stations (recycle centers). We do not re-sell anything so therefore we do not “offset” the cost of the removal for items which are resold by others. Our business is the safe removal of items. Safety is always our first concern. We do not want our employees injured (nor do our customers) and we do not want to cause any property damage during the removal. We do not pull up to our jobs in pick-up trucks pulling trailers either. We own all of our equipment and tools. If you need junk removal, junk disposal or any type of junk removed give PhillyJunk a call. We cleanout houses, basements, garages, offices, office buildings, storage units, apartments, dismantle and remove tool sheds, hot tubs, wooden structures, etc. Anywhere […]

Office Cleanout Completed For Voxeo

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Another office cleanout in Philadelphia completed for Voxeo an Orlando, FL. based software company. Our truck teams made pretty quick time for their Market Street office cleanout which included old office furniture, computers, IT equipment, conference room tables and chairs, kitchen materials, copiers, printers, filing cabinets and the rest of the normal complete office cleanout material as they relocate one of their regional offices. In reviewing the last sixty days we have cleaned out a little over 200,000 square feet of office space for a variety of companies and institutions. If your closing or relocating your office give PhillyJunk a call.

Philadelphia Junk Removal

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We sure do spend a lot of time in houses and office buildings in Philadelphia doing house cleanouts, junk removals, junk disposal, junk trash removal, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts, office furniture removal, garage cleanouts or just about anything else. One of our trucks can usually get to their first job within 20-30 minutes from where they are parked every morning. Every day, seven days a week we have trucks running and many times we operate thru the early morning hours doing commercial building or retail store cleanouts where we can only get in to begin the removal after hours.
Our truck crews love their jobs though. Each project is very different than the last so it’s always a surprise pulling up and seeing what needs to be removed. Our roots are in Philly including our name and all the variations people use to search us out; Philly Junk, PhillyJunk, Philadelphia […]

New Budget Service Offered Thru

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PhillyJunk, Inc introduced a new low cost version of professional junk removal services with the recent introduction of This new service will operate Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays and provide a superior low cost service offering of junk disposal services. There are four levels of load sizes (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full truck) offered rather than the current full service offering of thirteen with PhillyJunk and CleanOutJunk. The sole purpose of this new service is to bring a certain level of quality and professional service at affordable price levels. To obtain these price points we narrowed up the size of our junk removal pick-ups, the days we are operate and the insurance coverage is not the same as our other companies offering. This provides a superior low cost junk removal service not presently on the market. The service will be available in all five counties; Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and […]

Ambler & Ft. Washington Junk Removal

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Right in our own back yard we have been working on several house cleanouts and a couple of office cleanouts in the industrial park. Several of our guys live in the Ambler & Ft. Washington, Pa. area so if you got junk were in the junk hauling business! These hot tempertures are shortening our work days since our crews wear down a lot faster with the heat index over 90-95 degrees. It becomes a safety issue before our guys even know it so we will not let them work a full day. Thankfully, we have plenty of trucks and keep crews fresh. If you need junk removal or junk disposal in the Ambler, Ft.Washington, Upper Dublin in Montgomery County, Pa. area give PhillyJunk a call. Chances are we have a truck parked within ten minutes of your location.

PhillyJunk Helps the Boy Scouts

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We helped the Boy Scouts regional office move out their office furniture from their Wayne, Pa. regional offices while their space gets renovated and upgrades. Not sure why it hapens but these office cleanouts always seem to happen on the hottest days of the week. No matter our truck teams took out a number of truck loads of old office furniture and file cabinets which were sent off to the recycle center. Our commercial truck teams have had a busy year doing office building cleanouts one right after the other. We also have taken down a number of larger barns this season. If you have a commerical property or light industrial building that needs emptied give PhillyJunk a call. We certainly have plenty of experience doing office furniture cleanouts.

Customer Injury on Chester Springs Estate Cleanout

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During a recent estate cleanout in Chester Springs one of our customers with her hands full of art glass tripped and fell down a flight a stairs. Fortunately for her we have four recent police academy graduates trained in first aid working for PhillyJunk and one of which was on site. Our own Maureen (a recent graduate of the police academy) took immediate charge of the situation and called 911 while helping to contain the injuries suffered by our customer. Our customer suffered broken ribs, a broken foot and torn tendon in her hand (which required surgery) and some stitches to her head, so it was no small matter.
These types of accidents are not isolated incidents and they are exactly why PhillyJunk conducts safety training sessions every few weeks for our truck teams. Very often when you are in buildings and houses which are in a state of transit […]

Office Cleanout Completed For Al Dia NewsMedia

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The PhillyJunk crews worked until 3:30AM completing a rush office cleanout for Al Dia NewsMedia. With just six hours notice office cleanout crews were assembled in downtown Philly to move out office furniture, filing cabinets, old computers and printers, chairs, tables, cubicles and all the other normal stuff left behind in an office cleanout. Al Dia NewsMedia relocated to a new facility and our team was called in to clear out all the old office furniture left behind. As with many of the office relocations in downtown high rise buildings there is only one active freight elevator so the removal always takes much longer than lower floor buildings. We began around 6:00PM when most of the office building tenants were gone for the evening and finally parked our trucks at 3:30AM. The crews on the job had began their day at 7:00AM that morning so it was a very long […]

Wood Shed Removals

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Need a wood shed or garden shed removed? Not to worry, PhillyJunk removes wood and metal sheds almost daily. Our team comes in and dismantles the shed then loads and cleans up the area before disposal of all of the contents. We simply charge by the amount of space the shed takes up in our trucks once dismantled. Some sheds are easier to remove than others. Even if you have a large shed or wooden barn we will come equipped with the right tools and trucks for the job. PhillyJunk dismantles sheds, hot tubs, large wooden structures, jungle gyms, swing sets, or just about any other type of wooden structure then loads the material, cleans up all the lose debris and sends it off to the recycle centers. Call PhillyJunk if you have a tool shed, garden shed, wood shed, metal shed or any other wooden structure you need removed.

PhillyJunk & PPL Park Junk Removal

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Our truck crews were busy removing trucks of old retail racks, fixtures and empty cartons while PPL Park (where the Phildelphia Union soccer team plays) renovated their retail store. We also have completed a number of projects for members of the soccer team. If you have not been out to PPL Park you need to take the family and go. It’s a beautiful facility which they just improved with a renovation of their sports park retail space. Philly Junk does residential and commercial junk removals throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Give us a call and schedule your appointment to have your basement, garage, house or office building cleaned out.

Malvern Junk Removal & Lower Merion Junk Removal

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Nobody can escape the Philly Junk removal trucks for long. Our truck teams were working in the Lower Merion, Malvern and King of Prussia, Pa. areas this past week cleaning out basements, doing garage cleanouts and house cleanouts for folks who were moving. It’s a little tougher for our crews with the current heat index over 100 to work long days but we ask them to hydrate as much as possible during the day and we rotate crews often during the week. We have a very physical job and although their all young they do wear out from this heat so for safety reasons we rotate the crews. Safety is our primary concern on every job we do. If you got junk and need some help cleaning up some areas of your home or business give PhillyJunk a call. We would love to help you on your next junk disposal […]