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Debris Cleanup From Storm Sandy

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Our junk removal and storm debris cleanup crews have been working non stop since the Hurricane Sandy hit our area Monday afternoon. They are jumping from job to job taking out furniture and other items from wet basements, removing fallen trees and yard debris, removing wood and metal sheds that were damaged and the list goes on. We brought in extra help and trucks from some of our other locations to get thru as many jobs as we can. Give PhillyJunk a call if you need some storm cleanup help from Hurricane Sandy. Our junk removal crews work in Philadelphia, and all of the surrounding counties (Bucks, Delaware, Chester and Montgomery), South Jersey and northern Delaware.

Junk Removal in Lower Merion, Pa.

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Several estate and house cleanouts were completed in Lower Merion, Pa. last week along with garage cleanouts, basement cleanouts, renovation debris pickups and furniture removal projects. Our trucks are rolling along although we have slowed until the election gets over with. Junk removal and house cleanouts jobs were completed in every county were serve last week including: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia along with jobs in South Jersey and Delaware. We also completed several nice size office cleanouts which included a number of small to med-size office buildings and office floors in center city Philadelphia. It’s amazing the amount of old office cubical and office furniture we remove and most of it needs to be sent to the recycling centers. It’s common for our company to cleanout 20,000-35,000 square feet of office space a week in the markets we serve. What we are really enjoying is the demolition of […]

Commercial Building cleanouts Estate Cleanouts

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Whether we are cleaning out warehouse or light industrial buildings or performing estate cleanouts and house cleanouts our safety procedures our exactly the same. First thing we do is walk around and in the structure to insure we spot any potential safety hazards. We are also looking for the best, safest and most efficient places to park our trucks to begin the removal and loading process. Safety is our number one goal. We have cleaned out many large office buildings, light industrial buildings and hundreds if not thousands of house cleanouts. One potential customer called the other day for a mid size hotel cleanout which for us in a piece of cake. We run a commercial team and a residential team of cleanouts which helps keeps all projects running smoothly and focused on each of our customer needs. Lately, we hav e compeleted large center city office cleanouts, suburban […]

Basement Cleanout Mishaps In Philadelphia

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We love our basement cleanout jobs and were very good at them but there are times the job becomes a real pain in the head. Many of the row homes we work in Philadelphia have low ceilings in their basements. They have an even lower ceiling clearance in the outside basement exit which has a few steps to exit. Every one of our guys has ridges and bumps along the top of their heads from banging their head against the rafters over and over again while doing cleanouts in these types of basements. Soon we are going to mandate wearing hard hats for safety it happens so frequently. Last week while doing a basement cleanout in another row home in Philadelphia one of our guy’s head hits a nail spike (in the rafter) while carrying out a metal locker thru the outside basement exit. He looked like a heavyweight boxer […]

Hot Tubs & Wood Sheds

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Seems like we dismantel and remove an endless amount of hot tubs and wood sheds. I cannot imagine any other company removing more than PhillyJunk unless of course our other company, CleanOutJunk. Almost every day we are removing either a hot tub or wooden shed and often times multiple times. There is a process to removing both other wise you will be there much longer than you should and making a larger mess than you you need. You also need to take extra care removing both because there is plenty of room for property damage or personal injury. The most common injury with wooden shed removals we encounter is stepping on nails sticking up. Trust me they hurt and could become more dangerous if you do not have a recent tetnus shot. If your looking for a company with experience to remove your old wooden or metal shed or an […]

Garage Cleanout Malvern

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We cleanout a lot of garages but this was the first when we removed 20 old wine (empty) barrels for a garage cleanout we completed in Malvern, Pa. Frankly, we enjoy the variety from the normal garage cleanout contents. This gives our guys (and girl) something to talk about in route to their next job. We donated the wine barrels to a community garden group who likley will put them to good use with collecting rain water and cutting them in half for planters. They certainly enjoyed the donation. If your looking for a garage cleanout, basement cleanout, house cleanout or just want to get rid of a few things around the house or business give Philly Junk removal a call.

House Cleanouts Continue Into The Fall

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It’s officially the fall season and our junk removal truck teams remain busy completing house cleanouts, basement cleanouts, hot tub removals, wooden shed removal and garage cleanouts. Day after day our junk disposal crews our doing what we love to do, removing, loading and cleaning out junk. Our commercial tams have remained busy with some larger office floor cleanouts in Center City Philly and a number of smaller building (15,000 & 22,000 square feet) cleanouts in Chester and Bucks counties. We remove trailers of old office furniture and warehouse material as we prepare commercial and office buildings for sale. We completed a number of basement cleanouts in Ardmore, Drexel Hill, Malvern and Doylestown, Pa. area this past weekend which our basement cleanout teams love. The before and after of some of these basements is always nice to see and the customers are always amazed how quickly and we complete […]