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PhillyJunk Removal Montgomery County Junk Pickup

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PhillyJunk® completes several rush junk removal and junk pickup projects just in time for the holidays to arrive. Junk removal and junk disposal trucks were busy throughout Montgomery County including Lower Merion, Pa. , Bala Cynwyd. Pa. , Lansdale, Pa., Chestnut Hill, Pa. and Flourtown, Pa. as each of these last minute projects were for complete house cleanouts or garage cleanouts. Our Philly Junk junk pickup crews worked overtime to complete several of the pojects just in time for Christmas eve to arrive. Junk removal crews worked to 7:30PM on Christmas eve completing a house cleanout. If your looking for a junk removal professional in Philadelphia, Montogmery, Pa. or Bucks County, Pa. give Philly Junk a call. Sometimes our customers search for us as Philadelphia junk removal but we are known simply as PhillyJunk.

PhillyJunk is a registered trademark of PhillyJunk, Inc.

Philadelphia Junk Removal Keeps Rolling

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Philly Junk or PhillyJunk whichever way you wish to spell it keeps rolling junk removal truck teams with plenty of projects in Philadelphia. We are working full schedules seven days a week as we begin to preform our annual service inspections of each of our trucks throughout our fleet of junk disposal trucks. Don’t be surprised if a CleanOutJunk truck with out of state plates pulls up to your job with PhillyJunk uniforms to do your junk removal project. At this time of year we bring in every truck no matter its usual geographic location and go over the complete truck from a mechanical, cosmetic and how it’s equipped in the cab and each tool box. Each one of our trucks is outfitted exactly the same way using the same branded tools located in the same position within the secured tool boxes and truck cab. For security each one of […]

PhillyJunk Completes Retail Chain Renovation Project

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PhillyJunk has completed junk removal and renovation debris removal from over forty retail stores serving Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware counties for a national retail chain. As part of the agreement the same process will take place in each of the other cities served by our sister company CleanOutJunk. Those retail outlets total over 80 stores. PhillyJunk also has and will act as the general contractor to complete the renovation removal process in all corporate owned stores across a twenty state region. The total retail stores involved in this unique agreement is about 350. PhillyJunk’s commercial operations have grown to become one of the largest of its kind along the east coast. There is a certain type of equipment and experience we have acquired in growing this business and we continue to expand our operations. The objective is to expand into the full demolition of any type of structure […]

PhillyJunk or Philly Junk?

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Philly Junk Philly Junk truck teams ready to go for local junk removal in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties Sometimes people search for us using PhillyJunk and sometimes Philly Junk either way make sure you don’t mistakenly call another company who attempts to use one of our company names in their Google ads. PhillyJunk used either way is a trademarked name we own. We are the best rated junk removal company in the Philadelphia area. We service all five counties (Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery counties). We also service South Jersey and northern Delaware. Our sister company CleanOutJunk sometimes used as clean out junk also sometimes is mistaken by people looking for that company and other companies use clean out junk in their Google ads. The name CleanOutJunk is also trademarked and owned by PhillyJunk, Inc. Make […]

Best Junk Removal Service?

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That’s a great question homeowners should ask. Who is the best junk removal company in the Philadelphia area? What are the qualities of the best? Well, of course we think PhillyJunk is the best junk removal service in Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, but we are biased! We certainly have the best Angies List reviews. We have never received anything other than straight A’s in all categories except the occasional B in one of the five categories their membership ranks. We think we have the best employees. All of our employees pass a criminal background checks and must have a clean driving record. Many of our employees recently graduated from the police academy or are already cops. Several are fireman, a sports writer and now editor, retail store manager and there are a few other job types in there. All of our employees are well trained, smart and […]

Estate Cleanouts in Mt Holly, NJ & Bala Cynwyd, Pa.

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Had plenty of trucks to load Friday and Saturday of this past week with two large estate cleanouts, one in Mt. Holly, N.J. and the other in Bala Cynwyd, Pa. Both house cleanouts were almost nine trucks each as the last family members had lived in the same houses for over forty years. Fortunatley, we have plenty of trucks and junk removal teams to support these larger residential jobs and still maintain a regular schedule of our commercial and residential clean outs. We also completed a 20,000+ square foot office building in the Jenkintown, Pa. area this past week but and as is often the case we used 53′ trailers and our dedicated commercial junk dispsoal crews for that project. We are entering our slower season but there is stil plenty of work for us to do both on the comeerical side as well as the residential. All but one […]