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PhillyJunk Completes Philadelphia Junk Removal Project

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PhillyJunk Cleans Out Art Studio PhillyJunk cleans out another art studio in Philadelphia, Pa.

PhillyJunk co-founder K.C. Ingram along with Chris Johnson cleanout rejected artwork from one of Philly’s own artist. We have cleaned out a number of art studio’s and artist’s storage areas and this one was not much different. The artist worked with various materials and created sculptures of different sizes and these pieces she never completed or did not feel the work was not good enough to complete. Each time one of our Philadelphia junk removal truck teams arrive to their next cleanout project they never know what they will be hauling away. Fortunately, we had two of our biggest guys (both guys are at least 6’2″) on the job because they said some of the pieces were pretty heavy. Kudo’s to Chris Johnson who […]

Junk Removal & House Cleanout In Dowingtown, Pa.

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No problems for our PhillyJunk junk removal crews working in Dowingtown, Pa. this past week, aside from the cold weather. We completed a quick garage cleanout and the next day completed a house cleanout. Our Philadelphia area junk removal truck teams commonly park our trucks in every county (Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties) so usually we are never far from any of our service area customers. For Dowingtown, Pa. junk removal we scheduled a truck that is normally parked about 15 minutes away. We also do a lot of house cleanouts and garage cleanouts in Uwchlan, Pa. which is right next store. If your looking for a great junk removal company in Dowingtown, Pa., Uwchlan, Pa. or a junk disposal truck or junk hauling truck in any of the surrounding areas give Philly Junk a call.

House Cleanout & Junk Removal Lansdowne, Pa.

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Just before the gripping cold weather arrived our junk removal and house cleanout teams completed a couple of projects in Lansdowne, Pa. We sent two junk disposal truck crews to the job and both worked in tandeum to complete a house cleanout for a family relocating, a garage cleanout which went fast and a smaller basement cleanout. If you live in Lansdowne, Pa. area and your looking for a professional junk removal service give Philly Junk a call. We come in and remove unwanted items right where they sit, load and haul away.

Record Setting House Cleanout In Germantown, Pa.

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Just a few days after removing thirty trucks from a row house in Phialdelphia our junk removal teams pulled out 34.5 truck loads of material from a historic house in Germantown, Pa. This was our largest residential cleanout to date. An old house built in the mid 1800’s with three floors, basement, sun room and a two car garage the house was loaded with papers, antiques, books, furniture, linens and all sorts of other material. The garage was almost empty so most of the material was removed from the house and sun room. Fortunately, they called Philly Junk as we provided our estimate on Monday afternoon and had trucks lined up 7:30 AM the next day. The whole house cleanout was completed in two days. Our junk and trash removal crews began at 7:30 AM Tuesday morning and we could not work beyound dark each day because the house had […]

House Cleanout Philadelphia, Pa.

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We just completed one of our largest residential house cleanouts in Philadelphia, Pa. We rotated multiple trucks over a two day period and removed over thirty (30) trucks of material. Large commercial and residential cleanout projects are our speciality. There are not many companies that own the amount of equipment (trucks) and trained staff to accomplish these larger projects so quickly. We used over 1500 contractor bags on the project for all the trash removal in the house. During the completion of the project we also maintained a full schedule for several of our other residential trucks teams. Give PhillyJunk a call if your looking for a house cleanout or estate cleanout or simply getting ready to sell your house. Check our our reviews on Angie’s List as well. We operate in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Delaware counties. We also operate in South New Jersey and northern Delaware.

House Cleanout Cherry Hill, N.J.

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Philly Junk estate cleanout Cherry Hill, NJ House Cleanout Cherry Hill, NJ

Our PhillyJunk removal team completed a house cleanout in Cherry Hill, N.J. You just never know from the outside what can be on the inside of a house. A quaint little two story house on a quiet street in Cherry Hill, N.J. yeilds fourteen trucks worth of material from an estate cleanout. The same family had lived in the house for over fifty years. This is not that uncommon of circumstances. The siblings grow up and move away and often times leave behind many of their childhood cloths and toys. The home furnishings had not be changed for many years so often times much of the home contents are not wanted by the kids. So, we come in and remove it all right where […]

Trash Removal In Philadelphia Area

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PhillyJunk junk removal trucks keep rolling completing trash removal jobs for families moving and relocating all throughout the Philadelphia area. This time of the year we begin to see an increase in household moves for a variety of reasons. In almost every case families accumulate trash and junk over the years which they don’t want to take with them when packing and moving. So, that’s when we receive the calls. Our junk and trash disposal teams will come in and remove whatever you need right where it sits. Sometimes people search for trash removal companies in Philadelphia and other times junk removal companies in Philadelelphia. In many cases they just want some old furniture removed or the basement cleaned out. Whatever the circumtstance give Philly Junk a call and we will be happy to schedule your junk removal or trash removal job for you.

House Cleanouts In Philadelphia

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Estate Cleanouts in Philadelphia, Pa. PhillyJunk removal truck readies for house cleanout in Philadelphia, Pa

PhillyJunk removal truck readies for another house cleanout in Philadelphia, Pa. Our junk removal trucks run seven days a week year round and although we are slower during the colder months we still operate a pretty full schedule with complete house cleanouts for estate cleanouts or when familes relocate or are downsizing. If your looking for a professional junk disposal company in Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Chester County give Philly Junk a call.