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Maureen Rae Joines West Chester University Campus Police

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Another PhillyJunk employee becomes a cop. Maureen Rae joined the West Chester University Campus Police a few weeks ago. Maureen has been working with PhillyJunk since graduating from the police academy in the spring of 2012. From that class of graduates PhillyJunk had hired four all of which still work with us. Maureen has done an exceptional job with PhillyJunk and will continue to work for the junk removal company when she is available. Many of our employees hang out with each during and after work since almost everyone share common interests. Now the majority of our employees are police officers so they also share that common interest. As we prepare for our peak junk removal season we are about to hire some newly graduated police academy students. Our new group of employees is being hired now and will train over the next thirty days. Congratulations Maureen from all of […]

Ray Brook Joins Philadelphia Police Force

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Another PhillyJunk employee joins the Philadelphia Police Force. Ray has been working with PhillyJunk while he attended the police academy and interviewing for a number of positions in various townships. Each town, district and township has their own operating budget which determines when and if they can add to their police staffs. All of us at PhillyJunk are proud of Ray and certain he will make an exceptional police officer. Ray will now reside in Philadelphia and will continue to work for PhillyJunk when he can. Congratulations from all you friends at PhillyJunk!

Log Cabin House Cleanout

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House Cleanout Philadelphia Junk PhillyJunk Log Cabin House Cleanout

Every so often our house cleanout junk removal teams come accross a really nice surprise of a house in an unexpected place. This beautiful log cabin style house was even more interesting on the inside and located in an unexpected part of Montgomery County, Pa. After entering so many homes during the course of our work even we are taken back by such a cool house. It was a pleasure removing some old furniture and seeing the inside.

How To Remove An Old Shed or Hot Tub

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No matter what the weather is doing it seems every week we are dismantling a wood shed, metal shed or hot tub and loading the contents onto our junk removal trucks. Doing these projects has become as routine as anything else we remove but we have removed hundreds of shed and hot tubs and always proceed with caution. All of our employees are now well trained on the hot tub removal or wood shed removal process and have already encountered a variety of obsticules in previous removals to know how to deal with them. Our trucks do not just simply back onto property next to the shed or hot tub and begin tearing the unit apart and loading. We also do not drive our 9500 pound trucks onto grass. We carefully evaluate how we are going to dismantel first then begin the process. Once completed we load the contents onto […]

How To Get Rid Of House Junk?

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That’s an easy answer ……call PhillyJunk. We literally run our residential and commercial trucks 24/7, seven days a week. By day, we do residential house cleanouts, garage cleanouts, estate cleanouts, hot tub removals, piano removals, wood shed removals, basement cleanouts, old couches and sofa removals, furniture removals along with a variety of suburban office and building cleanouts. At night in center city we do office cleanouts on commercial buildings when all the workers by day have left and we can gain access to elevators. Often times we don’t start center city office cleanouts until 10:00 PM and finish up just as everyone is returning back to work the next morning. So the best answer to how to get rid of house and commercial building junk is simply call Philly Junk or contact us thru our web site @

Junk Removal Norristown, Pa. & Wilmington, DE.

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PhillyJunk crews were out and about doing a variety of small and mid sized junk removal projects this past week in Norristown, Pa. and Wilmington, DE. Other 800 junk removal jobs included locations in West Chester, Pa., Malvern, Pa. Levittown, Pa. and Uwchland, Pa. Philly Junk offers residential & commercial junk removal service throughout Philadelphia and all the surrounding counties (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery) along with service to South Jersey and northern Delaware. Our got junk hauling junk trucks are parked in every county including serval counties with muiltiple trucks available. Service can be limited to the removal of just some old furniture like old sofas, couches and love seats to complete house cleanouts, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts, garage cleanouts, tenant cleanouts or large commercial projects. PhillyJunk is likley the largest commercial cleanout company between Philadelphia, Pa. and Atlanta, Ga. We have emptied office and light industrial buldings which […]

Law Firm Office Cleanout Philadelphia, Pa.

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Another lawn firm office cleanout this past week as they were relocating offices in center city Philly. Our commercial junk removal cleanout crews have stayed busy all throughout the winter months along the east coast with small, mid-size and large commercial building cleanouts. As best as we can tell we are the largest commercial building and industrial building cleanout company between Philadelphia, Pa. and Atlanta, Ga. The larger the project the better we operate. With the amount of equipment, tools, personnel and experience we have we can usually remove just about anything from an industrial building or office. If your looking for a commercial cleanout company for your office cleanout project give PhillyJunk a call or visit us @ We remove office furniture, dismantle and remove office cubicals, chairs, filing cabinets, file safes, bookcases, tables, cartons, warehouse materials, light industrial machinery or just about anything else. Give PhillyJunk a […]

Junk Removal & House Cleanouts In Phoenixville, Pa.

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As often happens we had several junk removal trucks going between Phoenixville, Sellersville and Malvern, Pa. area last week. Some junk disposal projects were pretty easy and a couple required multiple trucks to complete. Fortunatley, we were able to accomadate all of our scheduled appointments on time and our crews had a full schedule which they love. If your looking for a house cleanout, basement cleanout, furniture removal, garage cleanout, estate cleanout, piano removal, hot tub removal, junk pickup, trash pickup or anything in-between call PhillyJunk and set up your appointment. We ususally can schedule your got junk removal appointment either the same day or next. You can also visit us @