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House Cleanouts Philadelphia, Pa.

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PhillyJunk has been running trucks all throughout Philadelphia, Pa. cleaning out house after house. We specialize in large house cleanouts, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts and likley may be the largest commercial cleanout company along the east coast now. On the large commercial cleanouts (properties over 25,000 square feet) we bring in tractor trailers, cranes, flat bed trailers, 24′, 28′, 42′ and 53′ trucks. The commercial team usually travels to job sites in various states. We have emptied very large commercial properites in just a few days. If your looking for some junk removal in Philadelphia and you got junk we have plenty of trucks. We do house cleanouts, estate cleanouts, apartment cleanouts, storage unti cleanouts, tenant cleanouts, furniture removal, junk pickup, junk disposal, or just about anuthing else. Give PhillyJunk a  for y

Montgomery County & Bucks County Junk Removal

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PhillyJunk currently parks three trucks in and around Montgomery County, Pa. and Bucks County, Pa. to service junk removal, junk hauling, 800 junk removal customers. Every day we run pickups all throughout many of the towns in each county. PhillyJunk also serves Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia counties along with South Jersey and northern Delaware. If your looking to have an old wood shed removed, hot tub removed, piano removed, house cleanout, estate cleanout, garage clean-out, basement cleanout storage unit clean out, apartment cleanout or simply just some odd junk here and there removed call PhillyJunk in Montgomery and Bucks County, Pa.

Chris Johnson Joins Lower Merion Police Force

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Another PhillyJunk employee becomes a police officer with our own Chris Johnson joining the Lower Merion police force. Chris has been with PhillyJunk for a long time and we could not be happier for him to land the job he has always wanted, a police officer. Chris recruited a number of other police academy graduates to join PhillyJunk and each one of them have now find jobs as police officers as well. PhillyJunk employs a number of police officers as almost all of the ones who have worked with us before becoming cops have stayed on and work part time as needed. From all your friends at PhillyJunk we congratulate our latest police officer, Chris Johnson soon to be a Lower Merion police officer.

House Cleanouts, Garage Cleanouts, Basement Cleanouts West Chester, Pa.

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PhillyJunk junk removal trucks are in West Chester, Pa. daily for house cleanouts, estate cleanouts, garage cleanouts, wod shed removals, hot tub removals, basement cleanouts and all sorts of other types of removals. One of PhillyJunk trucks is parked just ten minutes outside of West Chester, Pa. to service the West Cjhester, Pa. area for junk removal. If your looking for a professional junk removal company give or a call or visit us online.