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PhillyJunk Loads Philly Junk Crew Members

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PhillyJunk Loading PhillyJunk Junk Removal Crew Members PhillyJunk loads a couple of it’s own crew members Sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves and forget to remove our junk removal pros from the trucks. To date we never have off loaded any of our Philly Junk guys at the transfer station or recycling locations. If your looking for Philadelphia owned junk removal company for a garage cleanout, got junk type cleanout, basement cleanout, furniture removal, hot tub removal, wood shed removal, house cleanout or estate cleanout give PhillyJunk a call. We are a local family owned commercial and residential junk removal service.

PhillyJunk Or Philly Junk Catches Junk King Infringing Our Brand Name

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Philly Junk Junk King When Your King of Junk Imposters Try To Use Your Brand Here is an example of a national franchise junk removal company trying to gain business on PhillyJunk or Philly Junk trademarked brand name and great reputation by infringing on our brand name. We built our business as a locally owned family run junk removal business right here in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Philadelphia counties. Were the original and only PhillyJunk junk removal company. We love the imposters like Junk King trying to gain business off our great reputation. But when you need a house cleanout or junk removal call PhillyJunk or as Junk King inserts in their headline Philly Junk.

PhillyJunk Estate Cleanout In Bucks County, Pa.

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Philly Junk House Cleanout How many Philly Junk removal guys are needed for an estate cleanout? Depending on the size of the house cleanout or estate cleanout we can send in as many experienced junk removal team members as needed. For this house cleanout we rotated several junk removal trucks and filled 19 trucks in five hours. Because we are the largest commercial or industrial building cleanout company along the east coast we have a large staff of experienced college educated junk removal pros we can gather up as many team members as needed for any size house cleanout or estate cleanout. Call the pros at PhillyJunk.

Avoiding Junk King An Imposter-Call Philly Junk

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PhillyJunk or sometimes searched as Philly Junk is king of junk throughout Bucks County, Pa. PhillyJunk is a commercial and residential junk removal company serving Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Philadelphia counties. We do house cleanouts, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts, shed removals, garage cleanouts, furniture removal, hot tub removals, commercial and industrial building cleanouts. Another company Junk King of Bucks County uses our trademarked name in their blogs but we are the original Philly Junk or PhillyJunk removal company. If you got junk we have lots of trucks ready to go. Call PhillyJunk and schedule your cleanout.

PhillyJunk Goes To Bat For Taney Dragons Little League Team

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PhillyJunk announced in promotion with WNTP 990 AM radio an added incentive for the Taney Dragons Little League baseball team players. PhillyJunk will donate to the Taney Dragons Little League team $25.00 for every hit the team makes and another $100.00 for each homerun made in their quest to become the 2014 Little League World Series Champions. We are proud a local Philadelphia team made it all the way to Williamsport, Pa. The junk removal pros from PhillyJunk wish the Taney Dragons well!

PhillyJunk Commercial Building Cleanout

By |2018-03-27T12:34:12-07:00August 14th, 2014|PhillyJunk news| the largest industrial commercial cleanout company along the east coast completed a 38,000 square foot two story office building cleanout along with detached 65,000 square foot warehouse cleanout right in it’s own backyard in King of Prussia and Warrington, Pa. Both facilities owned by the same real estate management company were newly acquired and in need of a complete cleanout from the prior tenants. Removed were office furniture, desks, office cubicles, chairs, conference room tables, bookcases, cartons, trash, shelving, small machinery, work tables and work stations, copiers, obsolete packaged products, warehouse shelving, and all sorts of other junk. In all over 25 tractor trailer loads of material was safely removed and either donated or sent to recycle centers and transfer stations. Philly Junk commercial and industrial junk removal cleanout group cleans out small offices to 500,000 square foot industrial use properties. Depending on the size and needs of the […] Completes Several House Cleanouts & Estate Cleanouts in 48hrs.

By |2014-08-14T20:51:24-07:00August 14th, 2014|PhillyJunk news| one of Philadelphia’s area largest professional commercial and residential junk removal companies worked almost around the clock in houses located in Philadelphia, Horsham, West Chester, Upper Darby and Cherry Hill, N.J. to complete some massive house cleanouts and estate cleanouts. In two days our Philly Junk junk removal crews removed over 65 full truck loads of furniture, boxes, cloths, carpet, appliances, garage cleanouts, basement cleanouts, wood shed cleanouts and all sorts of junk from just five houses. In each house cleanout or estate cleanout we were called with just a day or two of advance notice. Fortunately, we had the right amount of trucks and junk removal crews dispatched to each location to fully complete each house cleanout or estate cleanout and ended up with five very satisfied customers. If you got junk and need a house cleanout or have an estate cleanout give Philly Junk a call. We […]