Philly Junk® & Clean Out Junk® Removal

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We always wonder why our federally trademarked names Philly Junk and Clean Out Junk or more precisely federally trademarked PhillyJunk® and CleanOutJunk® are often used in so many of competitors ads and blogs. We did a search the other day and saw: All Around Removal, Junk-King® (a registration mark of Junk-King Inc.) Junk Be Gone, 1 800 Haul Out, Junk Removal Philly just to name a few, each use our protected name is some form within their blogs and ad titles on their Google Adwords ads. I guess we should be flattered that each wish to piggyback off our teams hard work over the years for their professionalism and dedicated efforts and high standards to bring ethics, quality and professionalism to what otherwise is a very unprofessional and unethical industry. PhillyJunk and CleanOutJunk employees work hard at their job and strive to please each of our customers expectations. It bothers each of […]