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Office Cubical Renovation, CleanOut, Removal, Upgrade?

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Considering how to go about an office cubicle replacement, upgrade, renovation, cleanout or removal? PhillyJunk® are the pros at cleaning out offices as they either relocate or create a more efficient and modern space for their employees. During the course of the year in downtown Philadelphia, Pa. and the surrounding counties the service crew is utilized to cleanout out office space. Often times in the high rise buildings downtown we tear down the old cubicles at night once the employees have vacated the area. This makes for a long night or two as we dismantle the old cubicles, load the fright elevators and carry the components to our trucks which are often staged along the sidewalks. All of this takes place after 9:00PM and continues to around 6:00AM the following morning. We remove office furniture, office desks, old filing cabinets, shelving and all sorts of unneeded materials. Depending on the size of the office cubicle cleanout […]