Another PhillyJunk employee becomes a cop. Maureen Rae joined the West Chester University Campus Police a few weeks ago. Maureen has been working with PhillyJunk since graduating from the police academy in the spring of 2012. From that class of graduates PhillyJunk had hired four all of which still work with us. Maureen has done an exceptional job with PhillyJunk and will continue to work for the junk removal company when she is available. Many of our employees hang out with each during and after work since almost everyone share common interests. Now the majority of our employees are police officers so they also share that common interest. As we prepare for our peak junk removal season we are about to hire some newly graduated police academy students. Our new group of employees is being hired now and will train over the next thirty days. Congratulations Maureen from all of your friends at PhillyJunk. We are all proud of you!