In another commercial service contract announcement PhillyJunk, Inc. completed contract terms to help a national hotel chain cleanout several of their properties undergoing furnishing renovation or have closed and are being prepared for property sale. The contract includes PhillyJunk or CleanOutJunk depending on the city of operations, junk removal crews to remove all of the old hotel room and lobby furnishings which are being replaced by new during the remodel. In addition, several hotel properties are being prepared for sale so the entire building contents need to be removed and the building cleaned out. During these major renovations and cleanouts you need scale, experience and equipment to complete these projects in a few days. Most of the old furnishings will be loaded onto 52′ trailers and donated to various regional charities. All other material removed gets sent to recycling centers for sorting and processing. PhillyJunk and CleanOutJunk specialize in commercial projects especially larger scale projects. We have been doing these larger scale projects for a couple of years now and understand the planning process needed to efficiently complete these jobs as quickly and safely as possible.