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House Cleanouts In Philadelphia

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House cleanouts in Philadelphia are sometimes simple and other times pretty complex. We receive calls every day for tenant cleanouts, estate cleanouts and house cleanouts and each one has a new set of challenges. the good news we have completed these cleanouts hundreds if not thousands of times over the years and although each house cleanout comes with it’s own set of challenges we have never failed completing the task. Philadelphia junk removal is what PhillyJunk does each day. The process for is has become routine. We simply send out (or more) of our Philly Junk truck teams and get to work cleaning out the house, basement, garage, storage shed or often times a business.


If you need a full or partial house cleanout, estate cleanout, garage cleanout, basement cleanout or just simply got junk […]

Philly Junk Philadelphia Junk Pickup

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Philly Junk completes another Philadelphia junk pickup in west Philadelphia. The junk removal crews of PhillyJunk completed a six truck estate cleanout for a house cleanout located on 52nd street in West Philadelphia, Pa. Pretty simple house cleanout job for our guys. We just rotated three junk removal trucks and were completed in a little over four hours. No matter what size your estate cleanout, basement cleanout, garage cleanout or house cleanout if you got junk we have plenty of Philly junk removal trucks and crews that can help. Our service includes bagging up and removing everything non-attached to the house, loading and disposing. Give PhillyJunk a call of you need junk picked up in Philadelphia, Pa.

House Cleanouts Philadelphia, Pa.

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PhillyJunk has been running trucks all throughout Philadelphia, Pa. cleaning out house after house. We specialize in large house cleanouts, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts and likley may be the largest commercial cleanout company along the east coast now. On the large commercial cleanouts (properties over 25,000 square feet) we bring in tractor trailers, cranes, flat bed trailers, 24′, 28′, 42′ and 53′ trucks. The commercial team usually travels to job sites in various states. We have emptied very large commercial properites in just a few days. If your looking for some junk removal in Philadelphia and you got junk we have plenty of trucks. We do house cleanouts, estate cleanouts, apartment cleanouts, storage unti cleanouts, tenant cleanouts, furniture removal, junk pickup, junk disposal, or just about anuthing else. Give PhillyJunk a  for y

House Cleanout Philadelphia, Pa.

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We just completed one of our largest residential house cleanouts in Philadelphia, Pa. We rotated multiple trucks over a two day period and removed over thirty (30) trucks of material. Large commercial and residential cleanout projects are our speciality. There are not many companies that own the amount of equipment (trucks) and trained staff to accomplish these larger projects so quickly. We used over 1500 contractor bags on the project for all the trash removal in the house. During the completion of the project we also maintained a full schedule for several of our other residential trucks teams. Give PhillyJunk a call if your looking for a house cleanout or estate cleanout or simply getting ready to sell your house. Check our our reviews on Angie’s List as well. We operate in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Delaware counties. We also operate in South New Jersey and northern Delaware.

Estate Cleanouts Philadelphia Pa

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The calls seem to come in one after the other for estate cleanouts. Most of the time the family or freinds of the family we are talking to are simply over whelmed with the task of cleaning out the estate property, house, condo, apartment and even a small business. We can hear it in their voices they simply don’t know what to do and how to tackel such a large task, especially if the property has a lot of clutter. This is where our company and truck teams shine. Within hours of our arrival to any property our junk removal crews have the property mostly cleaned out. We have a systematic way where we bag, remove, load and either donate the items or recycle them. Whether it’s a simply house cleanout job or multiple trucks we have the team, trucks and equipment that can support each project, small or large.Last […]