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House & Estate Cleanouts Philadelphia, Pa.

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PhillyJunk completes office furnitre removal during snow in Philadelphia, Pa. Philly Junk completes house & estate cleanout in Philadelphia, Pa.



Need a junk removal service to complete a house cleanout or an estate cleanout in Philadelphia, Pa? Philly Junk removal service is a locally family owned junk removal service who has been serving all of Philadelphia, Pa. for almost ten years. The process for a house or estate cleanout in Philadelphia, Pa. is simple. Just call Philadelphia Junk Removal known as PhillyJunk® or Philly Junk and provide a day and time you want one of our trucks and uniformed crew there. Need more than one truck then we will bring as many as required. Need to figure out how much stuff you have or how much it will cost then we send out someone to help determine an estimate for you. We will walk you thru […]

Another Philly Junk House Clean Out In Philadelphia, Pa.

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Philly Junk completes another house cleanout in  South Philadelphia, Pa. over the weekend. This estate and house cleanout was completed with a crew of four guys and two trucks while the temperatures were in the 20’s. No big deal for our guys as i sit in the warm office writing. or sometimes searched as Philly Junk completes house and estate cleanouts weekly. No matter the size our job remains pretty simple. Once you call and schedule your appointment we will arrive with the proper size team of guys and trucks and pack up and remove all contents. Generally, the whole process only takes a few hours. Most of the material is sent off to reclining centers located around the city but we also donate plenty of usable items. If you have a house cleanout, estate cleanout, basement cleanout, apartment cleanout office cleanout in the Philadelphia, Pa. area call Philly […]

House & Estate Cleanout Process

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House & estate cleanouts for many can become an over-whelming task. Questions like where do you get the labor, how to lift the heavy items, do I donate material, where do I dispose of other junk and trash house material are just a few of the questions faced. Some of the other questions are do I rent a dumpster and how to locate labor to fill it with the heavy items, do I call got junk , junk king, Philly Junk or clean out junk removal type services. There are many families that pool resources and attempt to accomplish these tasks themselves. Many eventually call a house cleanout or estate cleanout professional like or to complete the project. Estate cleanouts and house cleanouts or variations like garage cleanouts & basement cleanouts we complete literally everyday. We come in bag up everything that needs to be remove, load and dispose. Generally, we complete everything in […]

House Cleanouts in Philadelphia, Pa.

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Philly Junk House Cleanout How many Philly Junk removal guys are needed for an estate cleanout?

If your looking to cleanout a complete house in Philadelphia, Pa. call PhillyJunk®. Philly Junk does complete house complete house cleanouts, apartment cleanouts and estate cleanouts every day through every area of Philadelphia, Pa. and the surrounding counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. if you got junk or looking for 1800 junk call PhillyJunk for your house cleanout, apartment cleanout or estate cleanout. Our trained residential and commercial junk removal pros will come and remove everything from where it sits. We will bag and empty closets, kitchen cabinets, clothing or almost everything else and load our trucks. We cannot remove paint, oil, gas or hazardous material but everything else will go. If you got junk or need a hauling junk removal team for your […]

We Got Junk in Philadelphia

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PhillyJunk is picking up plenty of junk in Philadelphia even with the cold weather. If you got junk in your basement, garage or house and need a professional junk removal service call PhillyJunk @ 1-800-810-5865. We will send out one of our two person junk removal crews right away. Junk removal this time of the year is not bad for our experienced junk removal teams. We work seven days a week. PhillyJunk cleanouts out houses, basements, garages, apartments, storage units, office furniture, renovation debris, estate cleanouts or just about anything else. So, if you got junk than PhillyJunk has the trucks and crews ready to go.

House CleanOut and Estate Cleanout Process

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Often times at PhillyJunk we get asked how does our service work, what happens to the materials we remove and do we buy or sell any of the items especially for a house cleanout or an estate cleanout. Our business is very simple. We safely and quickly remove everything our customers identify to be removed from a house cleanout or an estate cleanout and either drop it off at transfer stations which recycle many of the items or we donate the items we can. We cannot remove gas, oil, paint and hazardous materials. We do not own a thrift store and therefore do not resell anything we remove. Our truck fleet stretches a wide area surrounding Philadelphia. This also includes South Jersey and northern Delaware. When the house is empty of all the perceived valuables PhillyJunk get’s called in to complete the rest of the cleanout process. There are estate companies you […]

House Cleanouts & Estate Cleanouts

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There is no one time of the year busier than the next when it comes to house cleanouts and estate cleanouts. PhillyJunk removal teams empty houses, apartments, condo’s, and apartments almost daily. There are always a variety of the reasons for the clean outs including, relocation, death in the family, illness, and downsizing seem the most common. We rarely do bank cleanouts of foreclosed properties. Our job is simple when doing these cleanouts. We remove everything right where it sits. That includes cleanout out attics, basements, garages, back yards, front yards, closets, all the rooms, storage sheds, appliances, pulling carpets or any combination of the above. We also when needed take down walls, remove hot tubs, pianos, demo work benches, walls, and all sorts of other tasks. One of the services we often get asked and do not provide is moving items in our trucks. Our trucks have very stiff suspensions, they […]

House Cleanouts Continue Into The Fall

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It’s officially the fall season and our junk removal truck teams remain busy completing house cleanouts, basement cleanouts, hot tub removals, wooden shed removal and garage cleanouts. Day after day our junk disposal crews our doing what we love to do, removing, loading and cleaning out junk. Our commercial tams have remained busy with some larger office floor cleanouts in Center City Philly and a number of smaller building (15,000 & 22,000 square feet) cleanouts in Chester and Bucks counties. We remove trailers of old office furniture and warehouse material as we prepare commercial and office buildings for sale. We completed a number of basement cleanouts in Ardmore, Drexel Hill, Malvern and Doylestown, Pa. area this past weekend which our basement cleanout teams love. The before and after of some of these basements is always nice to see and the customers are always amazed how quickly and we complete […]

House Cleanouts & Estate Cleanouts

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Often times we are asked what is the “average” cost for a house cleanout or estate cleanout. Along with this question is usually the size of the house (square feet) and perhaps the number of bedrooms that need junk removed. One thing for certain in our business is you can never judge how large a project is simply by standing outside the front door of the house. We can take a row house in Philly that is about the average size of thousands of row houses in the city and can remove as little as as 1/4 truck of junk disposal items or the record 21 trucks of junk from the exact same size house. Generally, it’s not the furniture within a home that takes up the most space in our trucks in a whole house cleanout or estate cleanout its all the rubbish and clutter that had been saved […]