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House & Estate Cleanouts Philadelphia, Pa.

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PhillyJunk completes office furnitre removal during snow in Philadelphia, Pa. Philly Junk completes house & estate cleanout in Philadelphia, Pa.



Need a junk removal service to complete a house cleanout or an estate cleanout in Philadelphia, Pa? Philly Junk removal service is a locally family owned junk removal service who has been serving all of Philadelphia, Pa. for almost ten years. The process for a house or estate cleanout in Philadelphia, Pa. is simple. Just call Philadelphia Junk Removal known as PhillyJunk® or Philly Junk and provide a day and time you want one of our trucks and uniformed crew there. Need more than one truck then we will bring as many as required. Need to figure out how much stuff you have or how much it will cost then we send out someone to help determine an estimate for you. We will walk you thru […]

Philly Junk® Removal Philadelphia, Pa.

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Philly Junk® removal completes the junk removal cleanout of a row house in Philadelphia, Pa. used for illegal dumping. Pretty common sites these days in various parts of the city where homes or lots are left attended and all of a sudden someone decides to use for their personal dump. ® does all sorts of junk removal projects such as: complete house cleanouts, estate cleanouts, debris cleanups, renovation debris removal, basement cleanouts, garage cleanouts, apartment cleanouts, office cleanouts, commercial building cleanouts, retail store cleanouts or the removal of just about any other unwanted items. Our services charges by the amount of material remove and loaded that day. Just call 888-810-5865 and schedule the day and time you want your cleanout to happen. Our junk removal truck team will contact you about thirty minutes prior to their arrival to let you know they are on their way. Our Philly Junk […]

PhillyJunk Removal Montgomery County Junk Pickup

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PhillyJunk® completes several rush junk removal and junk pickup projects just in time for the holidays to arrive. Junk removal and junk disposal trucks were busy throughout Montgomery County including Lower Merion, Pa. , Bala Cynwyd. Pa. , Lansdale, Pa., Chestnut Hill, Pa. and Flourtown, Pa. as each of these last minute projects were for complete house cleanouts or garage cleanouts. Our Philly Junk junk pickup crews worked overtime to complete several of the pojects just in time for Christmas eve to arrive. Junk removal crews worked to 7:30PM on Christmas eve completing a house cleanout. If your looking for a junk removal professional in Philadelphia, Montogmery, Pa. or Bucks County, Pa. give Philly Junk a call. Sometimes our customers search for us as Philadelphia junk removal but we are known simply as PhillyJunk.

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Philadelphia Junk Removal Keeps Rolling

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Philly Junk or PhillyJunk whichever way you wish to spell it keeps rolling junk removal truck teams with plenty of projects in Philadelphia. We are working full schedules seven days a week as we begin to preform our annual service inspections of each of our trucks throughout our fleet of junk disposal trucks. Don’t be surprised if a CleanOutJunk truck with out of state plates pulls up to your job with PhillyJunk uniforms to do your junk removal project. At this time of year we bring in every truck no matter its usual geographic location and go over the complete truck from a mechanical, cosmetic and how it’s equipped in the cab and each tool box. Each one of our trucks is outfitted exactly the same way using the same branded tools located in the same position within the secured tool boxes and truck cab. For security each one of […]

Philadelphia Junk Removal Service

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We are busy, very busy this time of the year in the Philadelphia junk removal business. We have trucks covering all sections of Phiadelphia and the four surrounding counties (Bucks, Montgomery, Chester & Delaware counties) and are kept very busy in the fall. Whether we are doing house cleanouts, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts or simple furniture removals our Philly Junk removal truck teams are kept on the road. If your loooking to get rid of some junk and need it hauled away give PhillyJunk a call. We are normally available within 24 hours. During the football season we do not work Sunday afternoons if we can help it though. Aside from that we work almost 24/7 all the other days. We are very large in commercial office building cleanouts so those crews work a lot of odd hours especially in center city Philly. We remove trailer after trailer of old […]

Philadelphia Junk Removal

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We sure do spend a lot of time in houses and office buildings in Philadelphia doing house cleanouts, junk removals, junk disposal, junk trash removal, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts, office furniture removal, garage cleanouts or just about anything else. One of our trucks can usually get to their first job within 20-30 minutes from where they are parked every morning. Every day, seven days a week we have trucks running and many times we operate thru the early morning hours doing commercial building or retail store cleanouts where we can only get in to begin the removal after hours.
Our truck crews love their jobs though. Each project is very different than the last so it’s always a surprise pulling up and seeing what needs to be removed. Our roots are in Philly including our name and all the variations people use to search us out; Philly Junk, PhillyJunk, Philadelphia […]

Philadelphia Junk Removal Tips

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Here’s just a few reasons why customers chose for their junk removal and hauling junk needs. We are the original and the only PhillyJunk removal service. Each of our employees must pass a criminal background and a motor vehicle drivers licence background check. Each of our employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing. Many of our guys are college graduates, attending college, attending the police academy, recent graduates of the police academy, ex-military soldiers or simply just solid citizens. We take our time hiring the right people whom we feel comforatable sending into your home or business. We spend a lot of time going over safety procedures, professional conduct policies, safe lifting tecniques, and safe driving pratices with all of our guys. All of this in a continual effort to provide the best possible service available to all of our customers (residential & commercial). Our goal is […]