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Security in Junk Removal Service

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Security and safety has always been paramount for PhillyJunk and CleanOutJunk when hiring and training new employees. Our employees enter residential homes and commercial office buildings daily. We have always had a policy during our hiring process to preform a criminal background check of all of our employees as part of the process. In addition each of our employees must have a clean driving record, wear uniforms, submit to random drug and alcohol testing and attend our training sessions. Never before has safety and security been more important in our Philly Junk removal service. All of our employees are either attending college, graduated from college, attend the police academy or have recently graduated from the police academy. Each has submitted to the above hiring process. We want our customers assured that Philly Junk and Clean Out Junk does everything possible to insure everyone’s safety and security at all times. The […]

House Cleanouts, Junk Removal, Estate Cleanouts, Commercial Cleanouts

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PhillyJunk or often searched as Philly Junk completes house cleanouts, apartment cleanouts, estate cleanouts, basement and garage cleanouts and commercial building or office cleanouts everyday. We service the greater Philadelphia area including Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, north Delaware and South Jersey area. We often have companies such as Junk King, Mr. Cleanouts, Got Junk, Haulout Junk and many others like them using our trademarked name PhillyJunk or Philly Junk in their ads or tucked away in their url’s to lure our customers away. There is only one PhillyJunk removal or Philly Junk removal to complete your junk removal, office cleanout, estate cleanout, house cleanout, garage cleanout, basement cleanout, shed removal, commercial building cleanout needs. Give PhillyJunk or Philly Junk a call for all your junk removal needs at 1-888-810-5865.

PhillyJunk Loads Philly Junk Crew Members

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PhillyJunk Loading PhillyJunk Junk Removal Crew Members PhillyJunk loads a couple of it’s own crew members Sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves and forget to remove our junk removal pros from the trucks. To date we never have off loaded any of our Philly Junk guys at the transfer station or recycling locations. If your looking for Philadelphia owned junk removal company for a garage cleanout, got junk type cleanout, basement cleanout, furniture removal, hot tub removal, wood shed removal, house cleanout or estate cleanout give PhillyJunk a call. We are a local family owned commercial and residential junk removal service.

PhillyJunk Or Philly Junk Catches Junk King Infringing Our Brand Name

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Philly Junk Junk King When Your King of Junk Imposters Try To Use Your Brand Here is an example of a national franchise junk removal company trying to gain business on PhillyJunk or Philly Junk trademarked brand name and great reputation by infringing on our brand name. We built our business as a locally owned family run junk removal business right here in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Philadelphia counties. Were the original and only PhillyJunk junk removal company. We love the imposters like Junk King trying to gain business off our great reputation. But when you need a house cleanout or junk removal call PhillyJunk or as Junk King inserts in their headline Philly Junk.

Avoiding Junk King An Imposter-Call Philly Junk

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PhillyJunk or sometimes searched as Philly Junk is king of junk throughout Bucks County, Pa. PhillyJunk is a commercial and residential junk removal company serving Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Philadelphia counties. We do house cleanouts, basement cleanouts, estate cleanouts, shed removals, garage cleanouts, furniture removal, hot tub removals, commercial and industrial building cleanouts. Another company Junk King of Bucks County uses our trademarked name in their blogs but we are the original Philly Junk or PhillyJunk removal company. If you got junk we have lots of trucks ready to go. Call PhillyJunk and schedule your cleanout.

PhillyJunk or Philly Junk?

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Philly Junk Philly Junk truck teams ready to go for local junk removal in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties Sometimes people search for us using PhillyJunk and sometimes Philly Junk either way make sure you don’t mistakenly call another company who attempts to use one of our company names in their Google ads. PhillyJunk used either way is a trademarked name we own. We are the best rated junk removal company in the Philadelphia area. We service all five counties (Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery counties). We also service South Jersey and northern Delaware. Our sister company CleanOutJunk sometimes used as clean out junk also sometimes is mistaken by people looking for that company and other companies use clean out junk in their Google ads. The name CleanOutJunk is also trademarked and owned by PhillyJunk, Inc. Make […]